Audi A6 Matrix facelift launched via WhatsApp Video in India

When everyone is trying to figure out a way to use WhatsApp for advertisements, Audi has used WhatsApp to launch the facelift version of Audi A6 Matrix via a WhatsApp video press release.

Audi A6 Matrix Video Press Launch

Audi India head Joe King can be seen explaining the features of the new car in this video.

When brands are using Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to reach out to its Target Group , here comes a new use of WhatsApp.

Hope to see more brands using innovative Social Media tools to reach out to customers.

#ItJustKnows is the hashtag used for this facelife version of Audi A6 Matrix. Truly #AudiJustKnows how to be innovative.

Marketing / Brand building / CRM through Social Media will be the key focus point for Brands in the coming days.

Vijaykrishna C V