Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2017 Schedule


Tata Crucible – Much awaited Business Quiz of the year – The Schecule is Out..!!!

All the best to the participants.

Date Day City
25-Aug-17 Friday Thiruvananthapuram
26-Aug-17 Saturday Cochin
27-Aug-17 Sunday Coimbatore
30-Aug-17 Wednesday Indore
02-Sep-17 Saturday Bengaluru
05-Sep-17 Tuesday Guwahati
07-Sep-17 Thursday Visakhapatnam
09-Sep-17 Saturday Jamshedpur
11-Sep-17 Monday Nagpur
13-Sep-17 Wednesday Raipur
15-Sep-17 Friday Navi Mumbai
16-Sep-17 Saturday Pune
17-Sep-17 Sunday Chennai
18-Sep-17 Monday Bhubaneswar
20-Sep-17 Wednesday Electronic City, Bengaluru*
22-Sep-17 Friday Goa
23-Sep-17 Saturday Ahmedabad
24-Sep-17 Sunday Hyderabad
03-Oct-17 Tuesday Chandigarh
04-Oct-17 Wednesday Jaipur
05-Oct-17 Thursday Gurgaon
06-Oct-17 Friday Ghaziabad-Noida
TBC TBC Kolkata
14-Oct-17 Saturday Mumbai
15-Oct-17 Sunday National Finals
* Please note: Teams whose current city of work is Electronic City Bengaluru, Hosur or Mysore can choose Electronic City, Bengaluru as the city of participation for Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz 2017. Teams working in other parts of Bengaluru need to take part in the Bengaluru city event only.