Tata Crucible Mumbai Corporate Edition – 2011

Hey All,

As expected – TC Mumbai Corp round was of high standard. The prelims had a total of 25 Qs – the quality of the questions were really good. Though missed the fun of participating as I couldn’t manage a team mate .

Mr. Suresh Kumar the 3 time national champion has ‘voluntarily retired’ from Tata Crucibles – this will be a welcome relief for other Tata teams who had qualified from other regions. But watchout for the deadly duo of Aniruddha Dutta & Mr. Pattnaik. It was a cake walk for them and they were way ahead of the rest before the final round itself. This time even the second place was grabbed by a good team from TCS.

Tata Track Winners:- Mr. Aniruddha Dutta & Mr. Pattnaik, TCS
The non Tata finals saw the come back of yester year champion Rajiv Rai. Deloitte team finished as runners up.

Non Tata Winners:- Rajiv Rai & Team – Deustche Bank

Some Questions:-
1. What is SB range from Nike?
2. What do you call a ‘wine which is made of grapes culivated in the same year’?
3. ‘Write Something’ – in whose HQ can you see this?
4. Started from Mysore in the year 1943 by India Thought Publications?
5. What was started by R S Kamath in the year 1984?
6. Which harbour’s name means ‘fragrant harbour’?
1. Skate Boarding
2. Vintage Wine
3. FB
4. Malgudi Days
5. Natural Ice Cream
6. Hong Kong