Coca Cola ‘Surge’ ahead – Is this the beginning of #Bring____BackCampaign

Fans coming together for a football/cricket match is well heard off. But fans coming together to appeal Coke to bring back a brand they had discontinued years back is a truly inspiring one. With the help of Social Media they could come together and made Coke understand that there is a genuine demand for the brand that they had discontinued. They even went to the extend of buying out a billboard to put up their message.


All the campaigns at the end of the day turned out to be fruitful. Fans inspired Coke to bring back the brand they had discontinued.

Surge Returns

‘Surge’ – lemon based sparking beverage is brought back. This time Coke have decided to sell ‘Surge’ exclusively on Amazon. The power of the latest Social Media, Crowdsourcing and e-retailing all coming together to bring back a 1997 brand.

Surge is back


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Vijaykrishna C V, Quiziebee