MyTaxi and Hailo merge : Daimler’s consolidation of taxi hailing services

Daimler Mobility Services’ taxi booking App MyTaxi and UK’s Hailo are getting into a merger.

MyTaxi app was started in 2009 in Hamburg by startup ‘Intelligent Apps GmbH’ and was acquired by Daimler Mobility Services in 2014. Hailo on the other hand started its operations towards the end of 2011. Hailo was founded by three taxi drivers and three internet entrepreneurs.

The companies will merge and will operate under ‘MyTaxi’ brand.

Recent times have seen brands like GM, Toyota and Volkswagen getting their hands on the ride sharing platforms.

Automobile players are keeping a close eye on the developments and growth of taxi hailing  / ride sharing apps. The market dynamics are changing and everyone is agile to make sure that they are not left out of the race.

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Audi A6 Matrix facelift launched via WhatsApp Video in India

When everyone is trying to figure out a way to use WhatsApp for advertisements, Audi has used WhatsApp to launch the facelift version of Audi A6 Matrix via a WhatsApp video press release.

Audi A6 Matrix Video Press Launch

Audi India head Joe King can be seen explaining the features of the new car in this video.

When brands are using Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. to reach out to its Target Group , here comes a new use of WhatsApp.

Hope to see more brands using innovative Social Media tools to reach out to customers.

#ItJustKnows is the hashtag used for this facelife version of Audi A6 Matrix. Truly #AudiJustKnows how to be innovative.

Marketing / Brand building / CRM through Social Media will be the key focus point for Brands in the coming days.

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Tata Crucible Business Quiz Corporate Edition 2015 Schedule

Tata Crucible Business Quiz Corporate Edition 2015 Schedule:-

Date City Venue Contact Person
27-Aug-15 Vizag Gateway Vizag Mr. Richard Damien
Ph: +91 7569995420
30-Aug-15 Coimbatore Taj Surya Mr. Kevin
Ph: +91 9943995518
3-Sep-15 Nagpur TBC Mr. Sagar
Ph: +91 7738098323
5-Sep-15 Raipur TBC Mr. Sonu
Ph: +91 9903053571
6-Sep-15 Hyderabad Taj Krishna Mr. Richard Damien
Ph: +91 7569995420
9-Sep-15 Jaipur TBC Mr. Vijay
Ph: +91 8588932102
10-Sep-15 Indore TBC Mr. Sagar
Ph: +91 7738098323
12-Sep-15 Navi Mumbai TBC Mr. Sagar
Ph: +91 7738098323
13-Sep-15 Pune TBC Mr. Sagar
Ph: +91 7738098323
18-Sep-15 Ahmedabad TBC Mr. Sagar
Ph: +91 7738098323
19-Sep-15 Lucknow TBC Mr. Vijay
Ph: +91 8588932102
20-Sep-15 Chennai Taj Connemara Mr. Joseph Benz
Ph: +91 9043051084
23-Sep-15 Bhubaneswar TBC Mr. Sonu
Ph: +91 9903053571
25-Sep-15 Chandigarh TBC Mr. Vijay
Ph: +91 8588932102
26-Sep-15 Gurgaon TBC Mr. Vijay
Ph: +91 8588932102
27-Sep-15 Delhi Taj Dwarka Mr. Ashutosh
Ph: +91 9560643838
28-Sep-15 Guwahati TBC Mr. Sonu
Ph: +91 9903053571
30-Sep-15 Goa TBC Mr. Sagar
Ph: +91 7738098323
2-Oct-15 Jamshedpur TBC Mr. Sonu
Ph: +91 9903053571
3-Oct-15 Ranchi TBC Mr. Sonu
Ph: +91 9903053571
4-Oct-15 Kolkata Gateway Kolkata Mr. Sonu
Ph: +91 9903053571
7-Oct-15 Trivandrum TBC Mr. Sharath
Ph: +91 8893204011
8-Oct-15 Kochi TBC Mr. Sharath
Ph: +91 8893204011
10-Oct-15 Bangalore TBC Ms. Asha
Ph: +91 9686204249
11-Oct-15 Mumbai Taj Lands End Mr. Sagar
Ph: +91 7738098323

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With Rain comes Smart Umbrellas – Mobile Connected Umbrellas

Popyjohns Innovation is the keyword across all industries. With the onset of Startups and e-commerce the focus on innovation is increasing day by day.

Kerala, the God’s own country, have a long monsoon season compared to other Indian states. So the manufacturers of umbrella have a good base of customers in Kerala. The major players in the umbrella market in Kerala are Popy and John’s. Popy and John’s – similar to Adidas and Puma are owned by two brothers (Thayil brothers), who have been fighting for Market Share in the umbrella business.

Popy – before the onset of this monsoon have taken an innovative step. Smart phones have now become a basic necessity of every individual and to use mobile phones during rain is a pain. Popy has come out with a feature where in you can connect your mobile phone to the umbrella. This smart umbrella will help you to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. So now using Popy umbrella you can take calls without worrying about your phone getting wet and can also play music from your mobile phone. So now you can dance your way in the upcoming monsoon season.

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TISS, Mumbai, brings to you ‘Jigyasa – the Business Quiz’ as part of its annual fest ‘Manthan’.

Date – 1st February, Sunday
Time – Registration begins at 11 am, Prelims – 11.30 am. Prelims to be immediately followed by the finals.

Team size – 2
Cross college/cross corporate allowed but student+corporate not allowed

Flavour – Business

Quizmaster – Souvik Basu
Research – Trivia Tales

Prizes: 1st – Rs 20,000/-; 2nd – Rs 12,000/-; 3rd – Rs 8,000/-

There will also be an online prelims on 18th January (Sunday) at 10 pm.

2 teams will be selected from online and 6 teams from spot prelims.

The registration link is

Coca Cola ‘Surge’ ahead – Is this the beginning of #Bring____BackCampaign

Fans coming together for a football/cricket match is well heard off. But fans coming together to appeal Coke to bring back a brand they had discontinued years back is a truly inspiring one. With the help of Social Media they could come together and made Coke understand that there is a genuine demand for the brand that they had discontinued. They even went to the extend of buying out a billboard to put up their message.


All the campaigns at the end of the day turned out to be fruitful. Fans inspired Coke to bring back the brand they had discontinued.

Surge Returns

‘Surge’ – lemon based sparking beverage is brought back. This time Coke have decided to sell ‘Surge’ exclusively on Amazon. The power of the latest Social Media, Crowdsourcing and e-retailing all coming together to bring back a 1997 brand.

Surge is back


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Ebay buys PhiSix – Will help you virtually try clothes online

ebay PhiSix

One of the reasons why people still prefer buying clothes from the traditional brick and mortar stores is that they don’t get to try the clothes before buying. EBay will try to nullify this by providing the buyers an option to virtually try the clothes online. Ebay has bought a company called ‘PhiSix’ – which help you try clothes on virtual avatars.

Ebay wants to eventually bring this model to the offline stores so that you can try clothes without getting in to the trial rooms.

Cisco had come out with a similar idea some years back.

Now you can try clothes before picking them online.

Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2014 Schedule

Date City Time Venue Address
13-Feb-14 Nagpur 1.00 p.m Scientific   Hall Scientific   Hall, Rasta Chowk, Laxmi Nagar, Nagpur – 440 022.
14-Feb-14 Raipur 1.00   p.m Hotel   Babylon International Pvt. Ltd. Hotel   Babylon International Pvt. Ltd., VIP Road, Rajiv Gandhi Marg , Raipur,   Chhattisgarh – 492006.
15-Feb-14 Navi   Mumbai 1.00   p.m ITM   Business School Plot   No. 25/26, Institutional Area Sector 4 , Kharghar East Navi Mumbai – 410210
16-Feb-14 Pune 1.00   p.m Vivanta   by Taj – Blue Diamond Vivanta   by Taj – Blue Diamond
18-Feb-14 Goa 3.00   p.m Vivanta   by Taj,Panaji Vivanta   by Taj,Off D.B. Bandodkar Road, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Santa Ines, Panjim, Goa –   403001.
19-Feb-14 Hubli 1.00   p.m The   Gateway Hotel Riverside The   Gateway Hotel Riverside
23-Feb-14 Hyderabad 1.00   p.m Vivanta   by Taj Begumpet Vivanta   by Taj Begumpet
25-Feb-14 Patna 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
26-Feb-14 Noida 1.00   p.m A   B E S College of Engineering A   B E S College of Engineering, Ghaziabad
27-Feb-14 Lucknow 1.00   p.m Vivanta   by Taj – Gomti Nagar Vivanta   by Taj – Gomti Nagar
4-Mar-14 Vizag 1.00   p.m Gateway   by Beach Road Gateway   by Beach Road, Vizag
6-Mar-14 Indore 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
7-Mar-14 Vadodara 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
8-Mar-14 Ahmedabad 1.00   p.m The   Gateway Hotel Ummed The   Gateway Hotel Ummed
9-Mar-14 Guwahati 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
11-Mar-14 Ranchi 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
12-Mar-14 Jamshedpur 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
13-Mar-14 Bhubaneshwar 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
15-Mar-14 Dehradun 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
16-Mar-14 Chandigarh 1.00   p.m Taj   Chandigarh Taj   Chandigarh
18-Mar-14 Kozhikode 1.00   p.m The   Gateway Hotel Beach Road The   Gateway Hotel Beach Road
19-Mar-14 Manipal 1.00   p.m T   M Pai Institute of Management T   M Pai Institute of Management
22-Mar-14 Chennai 1.00   p.m Chinmaya   Heritage Centre Tapovan   Hall, # 2, 13th Avenue, Harrington Road, Chetpet, Chennai – 600 031.
23-Mar-14 Kolkata   Finals / Zonal Finals 1.00   p.m The   Gateway Hotel Kolkata The   Gateway Hotel Kolkata
25-Mar-14 Jaipur 1.00   p.m Vidyasharam,   Bhartiya Vidyabhavan Vidyasharam,   Bhartiya Vidyabhavan
26-Mar-14 Jammu 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
27-Mar-14 Jalandhar 1.00   p.m Lovely   Professional University Lovely   Professional University
28-Mar-14 Rohtak 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
30-Mar-14 Delhi   Finals / Zonal Finals 1.00   p.m Taj   Palace Hotel Taj   Palace Hotel
1-Apr-14 Trichy 1.00   p.m TBC TBC
2-Apr-14 Coimbatore 1.00   p.m Vivanta   by Taj – Surya TBC
3-Apr-14 Kochi 1.00   p.m The   Gateway Hotel Marine Drive The   Gateway Hotel Marine Drive
5-Apr-14 Bengaluru   Finals / Zonal Finals 1.00   p.m NIMHANS   Convention Centre NIMHANS   Convention Centre
6-Apr-14 Mumbai   Finals / Zonal Finals 1.00   p.m Taj   Lands End Taj   Lands End, Mumbai
National   Finals/ International Finals
Date City Time Venue Address
12-Apr-14 Mumbai 1.00   p.m TBC TBC

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