With Rain comes Smart Umbrellas – Mobile Connected Umbrellas

Popyjohns Innovation is the keyword across all industries. With the onset of Startups and e-commerce the focus on innovation is increasing day by day.

Kerala, the God’s own country, have a long monsoon season compared to other Indian states. So the manufacturers of umbrella have a good base of customers in Kerala. The major players in the umbrella market in Kerala are Popy and John’s. Popy and John’s – similar to Adidas and Puma are owned by two brothers (Thayil brothers), who have been fighting for Market Share in the umbrella business.

Popy – before the onset of this monsoon have taken an innovative step. Smart phones have now become a basic necessity of every individual and to use mobile phones during rain is a pain. Popy has come out with a feature where in you can connect your mobile phone to the umbrella. This smart umbrella will help you to connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. So now using Popy umbrella you can take calls without worrying about your phone getting wet and can also play music from your mobile phone. So now you can dance your way in the upcoming monsoon season.

Vijaykrishna CV  


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