Auto Quiz Answers

1. Identify (Name the structure and the place where it has opened) :-

Auto Quiz1

A: Enzo Ferrari Museum, Modena

2. Identify this CEO ( of huge automobile giant):-

Auto Quiz2

A: Dan Akerson (General Motors)

3. Which international premium brand known for Off Roading will be launched in India in the coming months? (brand name is a common name used in India)


4. ‘Dream Access Trust’ – which is this erstwhile brand which was reintroduced (with a reveal in India) this year?

A: Datsun

5. Which Indian brand is planning to launch compact SUV code named XA Alpha next year?

A: Maruti

6. This Automobile Indian giant used to manufacture cars which were sold in Europe under the Nissan bandging. Name the Indian company and the brand which was manufactured.

A: Maruti Suzuki A Star & Nissan Pixo

7. Which Indian company has come out with intermediate commercial vehicle ‘Boss’?

A: Ashok Leyland

8. This brand has entered in to a tie up with Amazon to give the consumers a feel of Online buying (resembles online buying). Identify the brand.

A: Nissan

9. Intel & Carneige Mellon Univeristy are developing new headlights – What is special about these headlights?

A: Headlight that sees through rain and snow by the simple method of not shining light where the raindrops are falling

10. Identify (a designer and founder of company based in Turin) :-

Auto Quiz3

A: Carlo Abarth

Vijaykrishna C V


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