Tata’s ‘Dal on Call’ – Unique Selling Proposition

Tata Dal by Call

In the days when Shopping Malls are on the rise and every brand is busy getting their space in the shelf, Tata’s iShakti Dal has come out with the unique option – buy Dal without visiting any store. You just need to dial the toll free number and order your dal. You have an option of ordering the Dals online as well. The payment option is only Cash On Delivery.

Tata Chemicals Limited who is behind the I-Shakti Dals have mentioned the reason why this will appeal more to the people. ‘What makes I-Shakti Dals extra appealing is that they are unpolished and natural. Polishing dals results in a loss of nutritional qualities and the unhygienic methods used for processing and polishing lead to the addition of harmful impurities such as marble powder, leather polish, oil polish, etc. I-Shakti Dals take the same time for cooking as the polished ones, without compromising on quality and good health. I-Shakti Dals retain their natural and farm-fresh purity as they are laser-sorted and machine-cleaned before being graded and packed.’

So is this going to be the unique way of getting closer to customers in the coming days.


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