Mahindra Auto Quotient (Internal) Finals

Mahindra AQ

Just came back after attending the National Finals of Mahindra Auto Quotient Quiz which was for the Mahindra Group employees.

Dyu Dcunha was the QM.

For the Auto Passionate people here are some of the questions which were asked during the Finals of Mahindra AQ (Internal Track).

Q. Which automobile brand uses ‘Doug’ as their Spokespuppet?

Doug Spokespuppet

A: Ford

Q. This brand of Lambhorgini is called as the Sister car of Audi R8.
A: Gallardo

Q. Which automobile brand’s tagline reads ‘Love you back’?
A: Honda Brio

Q. Which car brand in India had run an audition campaign in Facebook in association with Star?
A. Nissan Micra

Q. Which car made in India is sold in Europe as ‘Celerio’?
A. Maruti A Star

Q. Mahindra tied up with Vodafone for introducing the M2M technology in which brand?
A. e2o

Q. Which is the first car company in India to associate with Bose propreitery software for its showrooms?
A. Toyota

Q. Which Asian company provides engine to the Caterham racing team?
A. Suzuki

Q. Which is the first car to come out with Fuel Cell Crossover that converts Hydrogen to electricity?
A. Hyundai Tuscon
Hyunai Tuscon Hydrogen

Vijaykrishna C V


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