It is always a difficult task visualizing a furniture in your house before buying it. A study says almost 14% of people end up not buying the furniture worrying that it may not fit in to their place. IKEA has brought out an APP which will make life simpler for people buying furniture.

The IKEA App – IKEA Catalog 2014 provides augmented reality to function that allows you to virtually preview products in your house. Using this App consumers can scan the catalog and see how actually the particular furniture will look/fit in your room. The catalog will be released on August 25. The App initially will allow you to use augmented reality to virtually visaulise around 90 products. It seems this will be extended for other products as well in the coming days. IKEA has put up a video showing how to use this (in a humurous manner).

IKEA App Video

This will help you buy comfortably sitting at your home and without worrying about how it will actually look/fit in to your place.

IKEA has ‘really’ made use of ‘Augmented Reality’ – which many may end up following.


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