Toyota Way – Helping Hands

Toyota has taken one step further in extending their help to the society – ‘The Toyota Way’. Rather than just donating money to charitable organizations, Toyota has started helping organizations to improve their processes. Toyota who is known for their ‘Kaizen’ approach has extended its expertise to improve systems. Toyota USA has recently helped New York Food Bank, a non-profit organisation, to serve more people, more efficiently.

Toyota’s engineers helped reduce the wait time for dinner from 90 minutes to 18. Instead of having clients stream into the cafeteria 10 people at a time, the company recommended that diners take a seat just as soon as one becomes available. Toyota also set up a waiting room where diners could pick up trays and designated one employee whose job is to scour the dining room for an available space. They helped the Food Bank to serve more people in less time.

Toyota has extended similar help to other organizations as well in the recent times.

Toyota offering ‘Kaizen’ – the ‘Continous Improvement’ to organizations to improve the efficiency. At a time when Corporates are trying to find new ways to help society – this ‘Toyota Way’ is going way ahead helping needy organizations to improve their processes.


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