Ford Ecosport ‘Virtual’ Test Drive

Ecosport Virtual Test DriveFord has launched the much awaited compact SUV Ecosport in India today. Ford has come out with a unique test drive for ‘Ecosport’. You can take a test drive of the Ecosport sitting at your place and control the Ecosport from your mobile/computer. The Test Drive – engine can be switched ON by using your mobile keypad/voice commands and then control the Ecosport by dialing the numbers in your mobile/with your voice command. The controls include switching on the head lights, playing music, moving the car through traffic and all. It shows the virtual distance covered by you and also shows the virtual mileage. And for those who don’t have a mobile can control the car from your PC. This is a unique way of providing test drive to customers and you can get a virtual first hand feel of Ecosport.


2 thoughts on “Ford Ecosport ‘Virtual’ Test Drive

  1. I would like to take a look at this virtual test drive but can’t find it anywhere online. Do you know how to access it?

  2. Yes you can get that online – check for ford ecosport india virtual test drive

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