Tata Crucible Corporate Edition 2012 Schedule

Here it is:-


04-Aug-12 Saturday Ranchi External only 10.30 a.m Hotel B N R Chanakya Ms. Manisha:+91-9122716327
05-Aug-12 Sunday Jamshedpur Internal only 2.30 p.m Rabindra Bhawan Ms. Manisha:+91-9122716327
10-Aug-12 Friday Guwahati External only 5.00 p.m Srimanta Sankaradev Kalashetra Mr. Surajit:+91-9435146433
12-Aug-12 Sunday Indore External only 2.30 p.m Raddission Hotel Mr.J B Sahu:+91-9302530423
23-Aug-12 Thursday Coimbatore External only 5.00 p.m Vivanta by Taj Surya Mr Kashi:+91-9345706911
25-Aug-12 Saturday Ahmedabad External only 2.30 p.m IIM – Indian Institute of Management Ms.Nikky:+91-9898619221
26-Aug-12 Sunday Hyderabad External only 2.30 p.m To Be Confirmed Mr. Rahmath:+91-9700214233
30-Aug-12 Thursday Nagpur External only 5.00 p.m Raddission Hotel Mr Prashant:+91-9822193655
01-Sep-12 Saturday Banglore Twin Track 2.00 p.m Royal Archid Plaza Ms.Satya+91-9845056834
02-Sep-12 Sunday Delhi Twin Track 1.00 p.m Taj Palace Hotel Mr.Harish:+91-9910447784
08-Sep-12 Saturday Bhubaneswar External only 2.00 p.m May Fair Convention Centre Mr.Sambit:+91-9437208345
13-Sep-12 Thursday Goa External only 5.00 p.m National Institute of Oceanography, Cardium Auditorium Mr.Ashish:+91-9823110601
15-Sep-12 Saturday Pune Twin Track 2.00 p.m Taj Blue Diamond Mr.Amit:+91-9370505040
16-Sep-12 Sunday Mumbai Twin Track 1.00 p.m Taj Lands End Ball Room  
22-Sep-12 Saturday Lucknow Twin Track 1.00 p.m Taj Residency Mr Abhishek+91-9839772400
23-Sep-12 Sunday Gurgaon External only 2.30 p.m To Be Confirmed Mr.Harish:+91-9910447784
24-Sep-12 Monday Chandigarh External only 5.00 p.m Taj Chandigarh Mr.Sunil:+91-9815001654
26-Sep-12 Wednesday Cochin External only 5.00 p.m The Gateway Hotel Mr Bhavin+91-8891115657
27-Sep-12 Thursday Trivandrum External only 2.30 p.m Vivanta By Taj Trivandrum Mr Bhavin:+91-8891115657
29-Sep-12 Saturday Kolkata Twin Track 2.30 p.m Kala Manir Mr.Rajesh:+91-9330918111
30-Sep-12 Sunday Chennai Twin Track 3.00 p.m Chinmaya Heritage Centre Mr.Giridharan:+91-9841167685
07-Oct-12 Sunday Mumbai     Taj Mahal Palace  

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