ITwin – Access your PC from anywhere

Started by Lux Anantharaman, an alumni of IIT-Madras & IISc-B’lore, and Kal Takru, alumni of NTU Singapore. ITwin has been named among the global list of promising start ups – Techcrunch 50.

Lux says:- “Two years back, I wanted to check on some personal investments and finances that were stored on my computer at home. I was at the office and I realized that there was a need for a simple and secure remote file access solution. The secure stuff was way too complicated to configure, and the simple stuff was way too insecure. That led to the invention of iTwin.”

Benefits of ITwin as per their website:- “Plug one half of iTwin into your online office computer. Drag’n’drop files into the iTwin window to share them. Take the other half of iTwin with you. You will have instant access to all of the shared files, from any other online computer. You can edit those files without them ever leaving the office. You can copy them to the other computer. You can even upload files to office from wherever you are. No configuration, no VPN token card, no login. With AES-256 hardware-enabled encryption. It’s as secure and simple as data transfer gets”



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