Idea Brand Equity Quiz National Finals

Hey All,

Its always fun to attend the BEQ and this was the 20th year of BEQ so more the reason for attending the same. Derek (MP) was at his usual form.
The Semis saw the exit of Accenture-Delhi and TCS, Mumbai which was really an upset. The final line up was
1. Endeavour, Ahmedabad
2. Infosys, Pune
3. TCS, Kolkatta
4. Nokia, Hyderabad

TCS Kolkatta started off in a good style cracking the first two questions and they ensured to keep the lead which comfortably took them home as winners.

Audience had a real good time. Derek distributed audience prizes in plenty. Sometimes he gave the whole row of people a prize each. The prizes included Washing Machine, Oven, Nautica Watches, Tablets, Idea Datacards, Satyapaul ties, etc. Some audience got prizes for answering while some for attending the quiz with passion and even one got a prize for identifying ‘Blue’ as Derek’s fav colour.

The winners TCS, Kolkatta got the grand prize – a Mahindra Scorpio each.

Some Questions:-

1. 1937, Cadbury’s Indian Brand Ambassador?
2. Who are linked to 916 in Kerala?
3. Amul’s 7 Billion baby ad
4. Pic of Lotus F1 car
5. What does term HIPPO mean – as in used in offices?
6. Who is a Deleb?
7. What is a wallstreet Cleavage?
8. What is ‘Lapware’?
9. Who is a ‘tokoyama’?



One thought on “Idea Brand Equity Quiz National Finals

  1. as usual, a quiz keeping in mind the LCD (mathematical, not electronic). disclaimer: wasnt a part of the accentur eteam that made it to the finals.

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