Tata Crucibles Campus Mumbai Edition 2011

Hey All,

Giri was at his usual stuff saying ‘this is the 22nd city and i am having a feeling that we are doing election campaigns..’

The quiz was overall good – but expected some more good answers from teams from Mumbai. The usual Mumbai TC feel was a bit missing.

Winners:- S P Jain (Won themselves tickets for the WC Finals in addition to the prize money and goodies)
2nd:- JBIMS (amy have won the quiz if they had not taken a negative on Amazon)

Other Teams:- K J Somaiya, Sydhenam Institute and two teams from NITIE.


1. What is Men’s underwear Index?
2. What is known as ‘ Bharat Ka rajpatra’?
3. Indian Railways – SIMRAN?
4. Previously ‘Monkey Brand’?
5. World’s largest manufacturer of genetic seeds?
6. ‘Best a man can get’?
7. ‘Playbook’ is from?
8. Who owns Reva ?
9. Smallest garment manufactured by Raymonds?
10. First sponsor of 1975 World Cup?


1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men’s_Underwear_Index
2. Gazette of India
3. Satelite Imagery Rail Network
4. VIM
5. Monzanto
6. Gillette
8. M&M
9. Condoms – KS
10. Prudential



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