The Fundamentalist Prelims @ Mumbai

Hey All,

Thought of spending a Sunday afternoon watching the regular Quizzers of Mumbai fighting it out for a spot in the finals of Giri quiz. But as I entered the hall where the quiz was happening I was surprised to see just 10-12 teams participating for 2 Corporate and 2 Campus Final slots. I have never seen a quiz happening in Mumbai where the regular BQC members have missed out completely. I am still trying to figure out the reason behind that (may be the finals is scheduled on a week day).
The only regular team who participated was Rohit Jain & Vishwajeet from IBM. They stood first in the prelims and will be going to B’lore to participate in the finals. There was a team from BPCL who came second. Symbiosis Law College stood first from the campus side – Raghav & partner. They will be joined by a team from KJ Somaiya.

There were total of 40 questions with 6 star marked questions. The quality of questions were good. Some of the Qs:-

1. ‘Be What’s Next’ – Whose New tagline?
2. – Whose ad?
3. First manufacturer of Digital Camera for Consumer Level Market?
4. Paras, Hindustan, Standard, Super etc. are manufacturers of?
5. Who are the tabulators for ‘Golden Globes’?
6. From 1959 to 1960, it would’ve fetched 500$. The value kept increasing every 5-6 years. From 2000 to date the payout has increased to 25000$. Who am I talking about?


1. Microsoft
3. Apple
4. Autorickshaw Meters
5. E & Y
6. Playboy



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