Snuggie Sutra

Snuggies, or blankets with sleeves, might not look remotely related to sex, but with a little imagination they could give competition to moves in Kama Sutra.

Created by friends Lex Friedman and Megan Morrison, Snuggie Sutra is a series of different sexual positions that can be performed by couples all while wearing those big, blue oversized blankets, reports AOL News.

“Snuggie Sutra reintroduces the Snuggie as something hot and sexy,” he explained.

For instance, “The Tablecloth,” a position meant for “beginners” in which the woman lies on her back and puts her legs through a Snuggie’s sleeves with the rest of the blanket covering her.

Or “The Matador,” in which the Snuggie is used as a role-playing prop during some bizarre bullfighting fantasy.

Friedman and Morrison just released “The Snuggie Sutra” book, boasting never-before-seen positions for lovers and every single move in there is 100 percent “doable.”

“We wanted to create positions that people could actually try at home. Sure, some require better-than-average physical dexterity and a low shame threshold, but they can be done,” said Friedman, who ‘tried and tested’ the moves at home.

Friedman said he and his friends have contorted into every position while fully clothed, just to make sure they’re “safe for public consumption.”

“There are only four prerequisites to practicing Snuggie Sutra. First, you obviously need a Snuggie. Then, minimal dignity is required. Third, you’ll need access to lots of laundry detergent, and lastly, you must have a willing partner,” he said.

“Our main goal is to get people to be more intimate, so even they get caught up in the passion and toss off the blanket, and we’ve succeeded.”


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