Pragyaan ’10

Hey All,

Thought of attending a Quiz on Sunday morning ‘Pragyaan’ – The B Quiz conducted by SJSOM but the Quiz started in the afternoon. There was 25 Qs in the prelims (some were sitters while some were really good ones). Top six teams went on to fight it out in the finals. Finals had 45 Questions – the numbers 1-45 were appearing in the screen in a grid and each team had to choose a number to answer the question associated with that number. The quiz was good or rather the content was good. But felt the quiz was too dry. For the participants it would have been a knowledgeable one but for the audience it was quite dragging. Avinash Mudaliar was in his usual touch with little bit of confusions/controversies.

Winners:- Mitesh Agarwal/Rohan Khanna (SUN Microsystems/Accenture)
Second:- Pradeep R/Amit Pandya (HUL/Questa Software)

Some Qns :-
1. Connect Sai Service+HP+Maruti Suzuki
2. Greek word for ‘light of Gods’?
3. StudiVZ was sued by this company in a California federal court for using their feel/ideas of their website…. ?
4. Which company has come out with ad featuring Warren Buffet and Bill Gates?
5. Author of ‘Making India Work’?
6. First brand ambassador for Kellog’s in India?
7. Who celebrates Vada pav day on 23rd Aug?
8. Which company came up recently with the Talking newspaper ad?
9. 1847, John Gramp, started farming for first time near a water body in Adelaide…………..etc. Which company (name of the place where he started farming)?
10. Question of Raghav Bahl’s book ‘ Super Power’

1. Suresh Kalmadi
2. Raytheon
3. Facebook
4. Netjets
5. William Nanda Bisel (Fab India)
6. Karishma Kapoor
7. Jumbo King
8. Volkswagon Vento
9. Jacob’s Creek


One thought on “Pragyaan ’10

  1. Hi,

    I had attended the quiz. Came in little late, so missed parts of the prelims but got to see the entire finals. And as far as I can say it is easily the best business quizzes I had seen in Mumbai in the last few months. The standard of questions and the amount of research that has gone in each one of them is tremendous.

    With regard to confusions and controversies, I did check the droid question and Avinash was right. Both motorola and htc had to buy the licences (, even I had a doubt but I stand corrected.

    For a city which is getting used to a 20-20 quizzing format, this was a good old test format of quizzing, which is something we definitely need, especially after India’s win over Australia. Anways, this is just my opinion.

    Incidently, I went through your blog and I realise that no one can post a comment unless they have a wordpress account, so here goes. And being something of a quizzer myself, I think that if you are posting reviews, you should be fair enough to allow people to comment.


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