TC Corporate Delhi 2010


The quiz started off with a tough prelims… Top six teams in Non Tata Track:-

Genpact, Indiatimes, Accenture, NTPC, HT MINT, DTZ

Tata Track:- TCS ( 3 teams), Tata Comm, Tata Steel, Voltas

Tata Track was a cake walk for the reigning Delhi champions TCS – Anurag & D Mallik

External track saw tremendous quizzing from all the teams – Some of the answers were outstanding…!!

At the end of the day it was the team of old warriors who came in to the finals from wild card who kept their nerves to win the Delhi round – NTPC – Sujit Varkey and Prashanth (though Accenture made a supernb come back from 0 points to 40 points in the last round to become the runner up – if they had not taken a negative which was the result of being aggressive may be they would have tied with the winners)

We managed to reach the stage – advantage of being part of Tata group… 😉


Q. Opening of which newspaper was done by Mahatma Gandhi – HT
Q. French word means ‘one who undertakes’ – Entrepreneur
Q. Only pvt comp to provide aircraft to German airforce – Mercer Might
Q. Conceptualized by Roman Emperor Diocletian? – Budget
Q. Sandwich trivia
Q. ATM Pin Number Trivia
Q. Logo – Boston Acoustics
Q. Name of this place is derived from ‘idla’ and ‘padla’ – Vile Parle
Q. The name of this country means ‘two seas’ – one of the first Arab nations to find out Oil – Bahrain
Q. Which comp sponsored the first limited overs criv\cket tournament in a county match in 1963 – Gillete
Q. Clothing line called ‘House of Dereon’ – Beyonce Knowles
Q. Android: Google:: Droid:….. – Motorola
Q, Oriflame logo trivia



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