Tata Crucibles 2010 Mumbai Corporate Edition

The Mumbai round was a fight of all heavy weight champions and at the end of the day it was a new emerging team that came out as the winners in the Non Tata Track.
Teams that were on stage:- Deutsche Bank, HUL , IMRB, SUN Microsystems, Kotak Life, Questa Software.

HUL – Pradeep Ramarathnam & Dushyanth came out as the winners.

There was a wild card round for the Non Tata Track also.

In Tata Track – it was again the year of the champions ‘Suresh Kumar and Anirudh Datta’ who are looking good to go ahead and win the National Title.
Other finalists in Tata Track:- Tata capital, TCS – two teams, Tata Tele, Tata Power. One team missed the prelims for Tata Track by a whisker – ‘Harish Mohan & Bharati Iyer’ from TCS.
Q. Name of country derived from a Latin word for a metal?
A. Argentina

Q. Horn Mountain, Atlantis, Mad Dog and Thunderhouse are whose deep water fields?

Q. What is Worli Chemicals now known as?
A. Wockhard

Q. Brand of Bengal Waterproof Limited?
A. Duckback

Q. Which company with Canon, Japan launched Pocketronic?
A. Texas Instruments

Q. ‘Housefull’ Movie is produced by?

Q. iLife is a product from?
A. Apple

Q. Ad – Aegon Religare



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