Quiz on Quiz-Blogs/Websites.

Hi All….

Presenting all,an innovative quiz on quiz-blogs/websites that we come across everyday.This quiz tries to be entertaining with no offense to anybody.Hope you all enjoy it and apologies if we have hurt anybody!!!

Q1.The predecessor to this website was a blog which derived its name from a latin word centenarius, meaning hundredlike.Started by an engineering graduate,who now has started India’s only & largest multi-platform offering.Identify the “inventor”,the blog and the website?

Ans:Rohit Nair and Quizzing.in

Q2.This website started by X and Sujith C as a single platform to bring quiz/trivia blogs together.X is a familiar face in the world of Indian Quizzing.Identify X and the website?

Ans:Naveen Giles and Quizblogs.

Q3.The brain behind this blog claims himself to be a moron.The name of this blog is a cross between Document Object Model and a legally recognized organization.Identify the blog and the blogger?

Ans:Siddharth Misra and Bizdom.

Q4.The blog aims to be a weekly update on business happening around in India and the World on the weeks gone-by.The quizmaster from Hyderabad,an example of “punctuality”, never fails even for a single time.Identify the blog and the blogger?

Ans:Rajeev Kondapalli and Biz Quizzards.

Q5.The blogger claims that his blog is on Business,Technology,Food,Music,Sports and much more.He was recently in news for carrying out a quiz on World Cup Soccer.Identify the blogger and the blog?

Ans:Anirudha Biswas and Quizzards

Q6.The blogger is an employee of Google and his interests vary from movies to news to food to gathering random trivia and having unnecessary opinions on things that matter and don’t.Based in Gurgaon,identify the dude?

Ans:Suhel Banerjee and Inquizzitive.

Q7.The blog’s tagline goes like this:
We are an interactive one stop Quiz event solution providers. We provide customized and innovative Quiz solutions for schools, Colleges, B-schools, corporates, in-house and inter events, and informal events.Identify?





2 thoughts on “Quiz on Quiz-Blogs/Websites.

  1. 1. quizzing.in rohit nair
    2. quizblogs.com
    3. bizdom
    4. quinkie
    6. suhel inquizzitive.in
    7. gyaniz 🙂 kumar vaibhav & kamal rathi

    liked the concept

  2. Thanks Gyaniz.

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