Biz Quiz.

Q1.The logo is a ruby coloured star with the trademark swoosh in white and the name of the channel in a new font.The new colour is a key component of the channel since it sees red as typifying India’s best.the logo has been designed by Venture 3,a london based brand solutions company.Identify the channel?


Q2.’X’ formed a petroleum and energy company in Midland,Texas in 1977 with a group of investor including Lewis Lehman,William Henry Draper 3,Bill Gammell and James R Bath.Identify ‘X’ and the company in the question?

Ans:Arbusto Oil and George.W.Bush



2 thoughts on “Biz Quiz.

  1. 1. Star TV
    2. ?

  2. 1) Star Plus

    2) Arbusto Energy or Oil, George W Bush

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