Tata Crucible Campus National Finals 2010 – Review

Hey All,

Marathon Quizzing on a Saturday evening at Taj Mahal Palace – The perfect blend for quizzing enthusiasts…!!!

The quiz started off with Giri declaring that the International Finals will not be happening on the same day as the ‘Singapore team could not get emmigration clearance’. The date and venue will be announced shortly. Hoping that this will be in Mumbai or atleast in India so that we can watch another exciting battle of minds(because the way Giri was putting across things there was too many hints of conducting the finals at an international venue).

The total of 20 teams who had qualified for the finals were divided in to two groups of ten teams.

There were total of 20 Qs in each group. All questions on buzzers.

The first semis saw teams scoring lot of negatives and the second semi was just the opposite with teams cracking almost all the questions.

The top four teams from each group formed the eight teams for the national finals.

The High Tea @ Taj is worth mentioning – Tatas taking care of the audience in the best possible way!!!

The finals started around at 6.30 PM. Total of 5 Rounds:- ( all rounds named after 20-20 Cricket except the Tata World Round ). Even the teams were allowed to play one powerplay and one super sub (may be next year we can see the QM playing a bowling Powerplay, a strategic time out and also cheer leaders πŸ˜‰ )

The first two rounds were scoring ones and IMT Ghaziabad managed to take a good lead (and they just relaxed for the next three rounds). Next three rounds saw teams fighting it out to catch up with IMT. But at the end it was a fight for the runners up slot. IIM,L inched past IIM,Cal (reigning International champions) to secure the runners up spot.

The questions were a mix of some high quality stuff and some medium stuffs ( there were some amount of repeat Questions – Giri please try to avoid repeats at least at the National Finals – We can understand it will be difficult to get new set of Qs each time but ….). Also now Biz Quiz is having quite a good amount of General Qs (which can be avoided – if its an exclusive Biz Quiz)

Also now there is huge population following TC – so people are hearing the terms like ‘Put your hands together for…’ , on a regular basis.

Giri – ‘no need to worry about what is written in blogs’ – you have an image created for yourself.

Now everyone can sit back and relax and wait for the date and venue of International Finals (or the Champions League..)

Vijaykrishna C V & Anubhav Chatterjee


13 thoughts on “Tata Crucible Campus National Finals 2010 – Review

  1. Wow!
    glorify Mediocrity and Garbage, and write kudos about it

    While i wont read between the lines, the lines themselves are quite, what should i say, cheesy!

    Crucible is one of the most amazing quizzes of all time, it shows how much people want to worship mediocrity, and that that’s the way forward. Whether its the 200 + teams that show up at each center or the number of blog space that s wasted on it.

    The only thing i would agree with you about is the Tea at the Taj, rest of this post, and crucible is bunkum
    Please refrain from posting about things u dont know too much about, quizzing for example.

    And u have shown how much u know about quizzing, when u want to reduce the the number of general questions. I guess i have seen ur kinds before.

    Worship mediocrity
    thats all i can say


  2. Hey Kunal

    Thanks for takin time out and puttin ur thoughts…. We can understand that u r an avid quizzer … If u r not interested in mediocore stuffs(this is wat u think of TC) then u can keep urself away from this(no one is forced to attend ) and blog is a place wer in everyone can put in their views/thoughts and anything for that matter and hope we dnt have to take permission from ppl lik u to use space available in blogs….
    And last yes we dnt knw much abt Quizzin…we are just a small drop in the ocean of Quizzin (which we have already mentioned in our home page) and still learnin a lot from the quizzes that we attend (and may be due to our luck we reached couple of finals πŸ˜‰ ).. but we have never heard abt u winnin any major quizzes in india (may be u r an international fame),,, anyways thanks for ur time and info and if u have time u can share ur high level of Quizzing knowledge

  3. Since this space is purely opinion, i respected yours, however ill informed and dubious it may be, but my only problem was that u were influencing or painting too rosy a picture of crucible

    However, that only shows ur awareness or the lack thereof, i dont blame TC jehadis, after all, a frog that has croaked in one well can only croak as loud. yea, i havent won anything national, but i have 3 runners up titles, in both team and individual events, heard of Nat Geo Genius, i was a runner up there too

    I m not a part of your quizzing world, because quite frankly, i cant stand the site of mediocrity, but we all have our choices.

    I do not quite frankly have the time or the capacity to teach someone of your capabilities anything, after all, you were a crucible finalist, u have totally made it in life.

    And just so u know, i am an international level quizzard too.

    U need to know and understand the definition of major quizzes, before u start hearing people s names.

    For that, you need to be going to some real quizzes, not some arbit crap like crucible

  4. Hey Kunal

    See this is wat we have also mentioned …. we are still in our buddin phase and remark n support from big fames like u wil help us to shape out well….
    But yes there is big chunk of ppl who are followin TC and are eager to see wats happ out there.. Also this is a place where small time ppl like us can get a kick start and from there with the help of Itn’l quizzers like u can go ahead and find heights…. We like Crucible and we feel there isnt any harm writing wat we feel about TC (hope tats fair) …and if ppl get influenced by wat we write in our blogs tat is not our fault ( everyone is matured enuf to read n understand n comprehend things n we are happy tat ppl r gettin influenced readin our blog)… No one is stoppin u from being a part of the quizzin groups … this is a platform wer knowledge is gettin shared and if u dnt wanna share ur knowledge then fine its ur choice (but callin ppl in the quizzing group as mediocre ppl is bit too much )

  5. as i said, the only sound that a frog hears in an empty well, is his own croak

    carry on dude, i have the utmost respect for crucible now, i think its the benchmark or quality quizzing the world over, and may it live for a 100 years.

    Sadly, i never have seen the point, or the inclination as to why it has so much of support, in spite of real mediocrity

    U wana go see a real quiz, attend BQC, KQA, QFI or kutub quizzers

    Not some footnote framed into a quiz question from Kotler’s 4th book, 5th chapter

    really, there is more that happens in this world, other than business

    Sadly, most, if not all, B quizzers, have little perception, or knowledge to appreciate it

    so here’s to your crucible, Cheers

  6. See lets put this straight… if u r havin a problem with how TC is conducted or the Questions asked in TC then please write to Giri or Tatas …… and not to us

    ‘Frog – Well’ funda is taken … but since u have written a lot .. just wanted you to look into the reviews written by us on Arul Mani Quiz, Siddarth Basu quiz, etc….. We do attend BQC wenever we get time and we used to regularly attend BCQC wenever we were in Pune and we used to participate in all their quizzes (now also we travel distances to attend their quizzes…) so we know wats happ in the real world n wat real quizzin is.. we are also part of the mailing group of QFI and Bangalore Quiz Group. We follow all sorts of quizzes happ around.. So plz refrain from writing things which u r not sure off…. We thought a person like u who is a QM and quizzin enthusiast to encourage all sorts of quizzes (but sadly we can understand thats not the case).
    “An Excellent thought about Life: Listen to everyone and learn from everyone, Bcoz nobody knows everything but everyone knows something”


  7. I do not have a problem with TC or the questions, they simply seem to glorify mediocrity and make people worship cows made out of gold.

    As for reviews, i have one thing to say, the critic always knows a tad more about the omelette than the hen, but never has the egg figured out.

    You do attend these quizzes, do you?

    I hope you can see the difference between the two extremes discussed here, and i do hope u have gained something from it. Most quizzes that i have been to have had something to offer, and believe me, quizzing is something that is sacred to me, more than many other things.

    As for being famous, and that u have not heard of me, i dont have too much to stay, apart from the fact that i was looking for Crucible results, as a friend of mine from IIM I had taken part, and stumbled upon this.

    Sadly, u dont seem to understand all sorts of quizzing and its meaning. Quizzing will become the IPL soon, with mediocrity running the system over, and every millionaire out to float a team.

    Soon there will be a business quiz every 2nd day, i guess u will live for that

    Im not anti quizzing, or anti biz quizzing, but i m past that phase where i believe the nonsense of knowledge and learning promotion thru quizzing. Its a farce, and none more so, when promoted by TC.

    If a hungry of wolves descend upon a lion, they would probably kill him, this is what mediocrity brings to the table.

    Enjoy ur tc, and the weekend circus that happens in every other B School around the country


  8. On one side you are sayin u dnt have a prob with TC and on the other side u are still stickin to ur mediocre feelin… See u may’ve crossed all stages and must b sittin at the top of Quizzing.. but there is still a huge population who attend quizzes for infotainment (whatever less u learn out of a quiz ) – We like all types of quizzin whatever extreme it is… and we keep gaining out of any small or big quiz that we attend ( we dnt judge whether it is mediocre or not)….
    We know people who are really part of the elite club of quizzin like rajiv rai, mitesh agarwal, suresh kumar and lot more names and we have seen all these ppl enjoyin every bit of whatever quiz they attend irrespective of what extreme the contents are …… so we understand what quizzin is and what we need to follow and we should not and sorry to say that by readin a comment written by ppl like u is not goin to take us away from this… we know what we are doing…. and we have never said that B quiz is the only quiz that everyone shud attend ( sad to see the level to which u are comprehendin things) .. we have just written that TC being a B Quiz – more Business related questions shud be included tats it….
    And we will keep attendin quizzes however small it may be because we feel that there is somethin or other that u get to learn from people around you….. so we will be attendin circuses (as u call them) and u are also most welcome (may b u will feel like a joker there)… and dnt feel tat there is a lion lurkin around and wolves runnin behind them .. we have seen many cheetahs who very easily win quizzes with high margins but havenot seen anyone like u who feels every other person in the quizzin group is a mediocre….!!!

  9. Genius, thats all i can say! u r pure genius

    not only u underline the shallowness of ur arguments, u substantiate the same with ignorance as well. While whatever the crucible may be, bad or ugly, good or infotainment are words that i would not associate with it.

    With your SMS English and name dropping, you think its cool. Let me drop some news to you, you will hear a lot more about me, than anyone else ever does about you.

    Yeah, I am the joker when i attend a circus, but clowns like u are rarer still. I didnt know jokers attended circuses, maybe its the new order of the day, and the high tea helps, doesnt it?

    I have never said anyone is mediocre, maybe its the sight of your own reflection that makes you feel that way. And for once, you are right, for some particular cases.

    Keep attending quizzes for infotainment, i m sorry, i meant keep attending TC for infotainment, and please explain to me which part is information, and entertainment, even with a mediocre career in television for more than 3 years now, i cant place either one

    Maybe, you have got the powers that be with you, and you perceive a few things that people like me cant, or to quote you, jokers who attend circuses who cant.

    Please care to elaborate.

  10. ‘you have a blog please write whatever u feel like there’ – let small ppl like us just enjoy life without differentiating things… we have better things to read, write n share than replying to ur crap…….

    We dnt care abt what u are n what u will b in the future…. we will keep following n writing whatever we want to…. so if u have a problem stay away from this……

    thanks a lot for putting ur thoughts n nice to knw abt u …. All the best

  11. I dont have a blog, and considering the quality of this one, i think i may as well start one, there is not much competition the way i see it.

    As for enjoying life, and enjoying TC, keep doing both. Judging by your tastes, and definitions of enjoyment, i wont like your opinion on the first one.

    Keep writing what u want, i will read it for, whats the word, aah, CRAP value.

    I m glad that u have finally reached the startling conclusion, that you have better things to do. it took you a while, but you got there, same way u quiz i guess.

    While you also say that it was nice knowing about me, i dont quite echo similar sentiments.


  12. Kunal, it seems that you like to blow your trumpet, and you blow it very loud. By being the runner up of the Nat Geo Genius and going to the European Quizzing Championship, do you think you have achieved the best in quizzing? I have always seen that people who have achieved something in their lives are humble about it, but i think you are the opposite. In all the comments above, I could find that the blog owners are writing for a bigger cause of quizzing (i.e. knowledge) and you are talking only about the TC being mediocre. You see, people are labeling IPL as tamasha cricket and what not, but the fact of the matter is that the public likes it. Same way, if you think TC is bad, you may not watch it. You can always write your views about it, but do it own your blog (which is already a LOST CAUSE of meaningless meandering, where you dont seem to like Indian Idol too, which as a matter of fact has a lot of fan following in this mediocre India). Please keep your divine thoughts to your blog, where you can write tons about it.

    And What is about the usage of English? you seem to be a Professor in English who likes to point out whose English is SMS and whose ain’t Victorian. Looking at your English,I can make out that you are a Chetan Bhagat fan. Don’t boast about your English because, even Inzamam makes more sense than you do with his limited English.

    All I can make of these small findings is that you have had a deep impact of one Mr.Chatur Ramalingam aka Silencer on your personality….your thoughts resemble his.

    AND only stray dogs pee here and there, so don’t take pride in peeing here and there.

  13. dear Kamal
    i wrote what i wrote about the idol, that was 3 years ago, i dont even remember. As for the IPL, time will tell the blacks and the whites.

    As for blowing my trumpet, if u read carefully enough, someone had asked me what i had done, so i told him what i had done.

    As for my divine thoughts, you and your ilk seem to have taken time out to read them, which means that either u have too much time, or that u r obsessed with crucible, and digging up shit around others who express their dislike.

    As for my English, i see that you have read Mr Bhagat’s works. However, bad, or genius he may be, he is still India s largest selling author (tentative question for crucible next year)

    And yeah, one last thing, i dont need to be branded anything by a few people who have their tails between their legs, and thinks crucible is god’s gift to quizzing.

    so. in case u wana be a policeman, or a Thulla, go do enough research before you tell me anything about quizzing.

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