Tata Crucible Campus National Finals Questions

Hi all….

An exciting saturday evening watching the Tata Crucible Campus Finals at The Taj Mahal Palace,Mumbai.

Top 8 teams, to qualify for the National Finals ,after 2 semi-finals were:

2.Institute of Mgmt,Nirma University,Ahmedabad
4.ITM,Navi Mumbai.

After an interesting 5 rounds…it was IMT,Ghaziabad which emerged as the new National Champion followed by IIM,Lucknow in the 2nd place.Both teams have qualified for the International Round – which could not be held today because the Singapore team were sent back due to emmigration issue.

Questions from National Finals are as follows:

1.My name is the derivation of hindi word of Tiger.I am fearless…identify who am i?
Ans: Sheru,mascot 2010 commonwealth games in Delhi.

2.If you are at a store popularly known as T.J,where would you be?
Ans: Tihar Jail

3.English word adopted from the combo of 2 greek words meaning management of house?

4.A question on definiton of agflation.

5.In 1955,the members of Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha made an unusual agreement to increase their salary by Re.1….why?

Ans:Salary of MPs were Rs.420.

6.Cartoon of Tata Lakme by Bal Thackeray.

7.Whose campaign was….On its opening night it put Colonial legislation,Indian pessimism and the Hand Punkah out of business…what am i talking about?

Ans:Taj Mahal Hotel

8.IBM initiative for better planet

9.Pic of Meg Whitman.

10.Ad of adidas

11.Pic of Uncle Pai

12.Identify the publisher?

Ans:Michellin Guide

13.Pic of Thomas Lords after whom the Lords’ stadium is named.

14.A question on Yaksha & Yakshini….RBI.

15.United Nations population award was given in 1936 for the first time to Indira Gandhi..who was the 2nd Indian?

Ans: JRD Tata.

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  2. Grt post..

  3. Thanks Gautam.

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