Tata Crucible Campus,Pune’2010

Hi All…

Pune Crucibles had a total of 20 questions in the prelims.Questions from the prelims are as follows:

Q1.Designer Head for Artex Jewellery
Ans: Priyanka Gandhi

Q2.Chevalier de la Crox dreamt that it had to be distilled twice…options were
a)Vodka ; b)Cognac ;c)Champagne

Q3.Who has written the book “Where have all the leaders gone”
Ans: Lee Iaccoca

Q4.Greek word for circle of animals?

Q5.How is Ronald Macdonald called in Japan?
Ans:Donald Macdonald

Q6.Logo of Patek Phillipe

Q7.Expand TEN in TEN Sports?

Ans:Taj Ent Network

Q8.A question on the origin of MS-WORD.

Q9.Ad of Chanel 5

Q10.Pic of Carlos Slim

Q11.Pic of daughters of Parle

Q12.A question on Dadabhai Naoroji

Q13.Korean word for conglomerate?

Q14.Lux ad featuring Katrina Kaif.

Q15.How is Hindustan Landmaster known in India?


Q16.Ad of Master Card

Q17.Newsletter of Microsoft?

Ans:10 Great Mistakes

Q18.Magic Lantern has been authored by Ogilvy

Q19.Started in 1984 for initial mission on building supercomputers in India?


Q20.Song from the movie Veer?

Ans:Producer is Vijay Galani.



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