Google kills iPhone.

Google has acquired an email search company called reMail. It is an iPhone application that provides full-text search of Gmail and IMAP e-mail accounts.

Terms of the deal have not been disclosed. Eventhough reMail was not a household name, but the app received critical praise and had a small, but dedicated group of users. So the question arises, what will Google do with this app, will it just kill the technology or has the search giant got something else up its sleeve?

Gabor Cselle, Founder of reMail will join the Gmail team as a Product Manager. Cselle said that current reMail users can continue to use the app though support will be discontinued at the end of March. Cselle had worked on Gmail while an intern at Google in 2004, researched email in grad school at ETH Zurich and was VP of engineering at Xobni.
If anyone is a reMail user, this news can be bitter, as Cselle mentioned on his blog that reMail has been yanked from the iTunes App Store and no further updates for reMail will be coming. However, he said that support for reMail will continue through the end of March, and reMail is making its premium features available to all users for free. Premium features included support for IMAP and Rackspace accounts.



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