IIFT Biz Quiz Review – QM Arul Mani

Was happy attending a Business Quiz on a Sunday afternoon. The prelims consisted of 30 well compiled Questions followed by a 42 Question finals. Three corporate teams and three students team where on stage. The battle was good on stage between one student team and rest of the three corporate team. At the end it was the students team from IIFT that cracked the quiz comfortably after scoring huge points in the penultimate round of the quiz (cracked the theme also). This is where a good corporate team lost ground (Avinash & Ranjeet) and another corporate team which was behind (Abhinav & Ninad) got a chance to get themselves into the top two. But it was the coporate team – Great Britain, Greater Kailash that finished as runner up (after leading the quiz for four rounds).

Teams that made to the stage:-

IIFT ( two teams – one was IIFT, Delhi – Second I think Kolkatta)


Abhinav + Ninad
Avinash + Ranjeet
Great Britain-Greater kailash ( Sorry couldnt note their names)

I enjoyed watching my first Arul Mani Quiz. Good compilation and nice Questions.

Here are some of the prelim Qs (from memory) :-
1. Italian word for bee. We use the term wasp in India. – Ans: APE (auto company)
2. Trivia on Borolyn
3. Question on Bethlehem Steel Comp
4. Shown map of countries – Wave Energy was the answer
5. England : W H Smith, France: ?
6. Invention – Photocopier
7. Autobiography ‘Grinding It Out’ – Ans: Ray Kroc
8. Goodyear Company’s blimps GZ – Z Stands for? Ans: – Zeplin
9. Fred Mouawad, Why is he famous in India? – Ans: – Pizza Corner
10. 1938 event in Indian Business history+F.C. Smidth & Co. Ans:- L&T
Vijaykrishna C V
Voltas Limited


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