Tata Crucible Corporate National Winners – Just In

Hey All,

Just came to know that Tata Crucible Corporate Winners for the year 2009 are:-

Non Tata Track: – Vizag Steel – Sabyasachi Pani and Santanu Dey
Tata Track:- TCS – Suresh Kumar & Aniruddha Dutta ( back to back trophies – gr8)

Though we were not there to see the finals, we can sense that the level of quizzing would have been gr8 and hats off to winners.

During last National Finals Vizag Steel teams had mentioned that they have year long sessions going on in their company which targetted “Tata Crucible” and yes they did it this year… kudos…

So teams from smaller cities have started giving fight to the teams from Metros/traditional power houses of quizzing in the national level. Hope this will make quizzing more exciting.

The World Cup of Quizzing ’09 comes to an end.

For those who missed out this time – start preparing for the “war of brains” for the next edition of Crucibles…!!!

Happy Quizzing…

Thanks & Regards,


2 thoughts on “Tata Crucible Corporate National Winners – Just In

  1. Hi Quiziebee,

    Undoubtedly a great achievement by Vizag Steel but believing they were underdogs or a small city team would be wrong as this company is one of the most formidable teams in the circuit considering they are also many time AIMA, Crucible and BEQ winners.

    But all said, due credit must be given to Mitesh for winning the Mumbai track and in a way winning a National final before heading to the real one. Stopping IMRB, Dhananjay, Amit Pandeya, Pradeep and Rajiv Rai from entering the finals was more a relief for non Mumbai winners than facing all these ‘demons’ in a National Final.
    Must say, that the Tata Crucible organizers were successful from this point by restricting teams to the cities they work in.

    With Crucible done this year, more quizzes await National Champions- Acumen, AIMA and BEQ.

    Wishing all quizzers the best of luck.

    And if you are looking for questions from the 2009 Corporate Edition of Crucible, do log on to http://quizzing.in

    Thanks and Regards

  2. let me begin by saying that this finals had some decent qs. However, what left a bad taste was that the win was based on some vague tata trivia. credit where its due to the winners, but a quiz of this magnitude, IMHO, should not be decided on stuff like this. These are of course, my personal views on this final, more of which u can read soon on http://www.fundamental.in
    Savoire faire cracked some awesome stuff and lit up the stage.

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