Tickle ur Brains…!!!

1. This person has always refused to sell himself as commodity. He has never done an ad till date. But finally he has agreed to endorse a brand. The TVC of the ad is already on air. Name the person and brand.

2. Connect:-

images (1)

3. Connect :-

4. Identify:-
images 6

5.This person travelled over 100000 miles around 6 continents which helped him to get his name in the Guinness book of world records. But this person is famous for something else. He is the author of Hot Commodities: How anyone can invest profitably in the world’s best market. Identify the person.

6. Which company/product has launched the campaign ” send some rubber” ? ( and what is it about?)



4 thoughts on “Tickle ur Brains…!!!

  1. 1.Richard Branson
    3.Rio de janiero
    5.Jim Rogers
    6.Kamasutra condoms

    Soubhagya Jena

  2. answer to 3rd question is -2016 olympics, which awarded to Rio de Jenero

  3. answer to 6 is Kamasutra Condoms- and it is all about sending a virtual rubber, with a message to a friend. And the next time your friend types the word ’sex’ while surfing, messaging or chatting, the rubber you choose will drop down with the message you wrote.
    So the attempt is to build awareness and stay ‘on mind’ even if the rubber is not in the pocket.

  4. 1.anil kapoor
    2.mafia wars
    3. olympics 2016 in rio de janario
    5.jim rogers
    6.kamasutra condoms

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