Tata Crucible Pune Edition Corporate 2009.

Hi All…
Posting the Tata Crucible Pune Edition Corporate 2009….special thanx to Nikhil Motlag for mailing the questions!!!

1. Some question regarding a fashion designer – X who had signed an autograph as RL as said “I want to be a millionaire”. Identify X

2. What was voted as the “greatest invention in the 20th century” in Japan

3. Pepsico had entered India in 1980’s with branded basmati rice brand. Name the brand.

4. Congress/NDA had tied up with this ad agency for its PR during 2009 General Elections. Giri gave a hint stating this ad agency could not trademark its name as it is a generic product used by children.

5. A visual was shown of a person named Mr. Gillette sitting on a chair of a stadium with all the seats in red color. Question was to identify the team which he owned.

6. A description of a PSU bank logo of interlinked shapes.

7. Corporate phrase coming from a Greek word meaning “high priest”

8. This word (Giri gave a few hints about his word depicts an area or a location) was coined by Ralph Haerst, a Central California entrepreneur and appeared in the issue of Electronic News. The word typically signifies a place where start-ups and entrepreneurial activities started.

9. What is the term given for people who spend a night in McDonalds. This system is prevalent in Japan.

10. Identify the logo. Notice the dove which does symbolize something.

11. This company has a mission statement has a one page credo. Hint was the company is big into healthcare.

12. TIME mag has a list of 100 Most Influential People in the world. 2 Indians featured in it. One name was given out which was AR Rahman while the other person was to be identified. This person is in the IT field and has been recently entrusted of a huge responsibility to bring a change in India.

13. The movie The Italian Job 2003 had Seth Green’s character catching Shawn “napping” and hence what product came out. (Cant recall the exact question 😦

14. Name the brand ambassador for Levi’s Signature Collection.

15. Identify. Thsi person has started something big in Indian pharma sector.

16. Which auto company has launched a hybrid car named iVeEMe (??)

17. Which pharma major has ties up with Max Healthcare for smoking cessation clinics

18. Some new ad tagline for an IT company

19. Public Investment Board and Mikati Family from Lebanon own substantial stake in this company. Name it.

20. Which newspaper in US is called as The Grey Lady ?

21. This word originated from a French region because this covered compartment physically resembled the cloak hood worn by the shepherds there.

22. Which country has its coins with the phrase of “this is the root of all evil”

23. Eduardo Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Chris Hughes and Mark Zuckerberg founded what ?

24. TV Ad – showing a guy in a train with his cellphone ringing.

25. TV Ad – depicting a kid playing in mud and getting dirty. And yes, he was wearing white clothes 🙂


Ralph Lauren
Season’s Harvest
Union Bank of India
Silicon Vally
J&K Bank
Johnson & Johnson
Nandan Nilekani
Shahid Kapur
Y K Hamied of Cipla
Ney York Times
Vatican City
Surf Excel



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