Tata Crucible Corporate Delhi Edition 2009

Hey All

After a long break from TC it was great to be back participating in TC – my first corporate edition and also my first corporate quiz in Delhi…. and also content to be on stage….!!!!
Prelims was a bit tricky..!!!

Teams that qualified :-
Tata Track:-
TCS – 3 teams
Tata Motors
Voltas (represented by Abhishek and myself)

Non Tata Track:-
McCann Erikson
Citi Bank
CSC, Noida
Smart Cube

TCS won the TATA Track with ease…. ( we missed out on some sitters and on buzzers…. Anubhav missed ur presence)

Accenture had a cake walk in the non TATA Track. NTPC last year’s champion could not make it to the stage.

Prelims Qs:-

1. Which newscaster founded sage foundation?
2. Which global bank has program – ‘explore’ for beginners; ‘ascent’ for middle level; ‘summit’ for top level management(something like that) ?
3. The film’s Adina’s deck, odd girl out, and Shredderman rules create awareness about which internet phenomenon?
4. Grammy winner owns ‘destino’, ‘southern hospitality’ and ‘tequila 901’?
5. ‘identity and violence – the illusion of destiny’- whose book?
6. What annual prize is given at Sundance Film Festival for movies which have science and technology in them….?
7. Publication aims “to take part in severe contest between intelligence and…… couldnt complete…
8. American TV network was founded by Lowell Paxon and Roy Speer …… – what concept?
9. Airline name means ‘united’ and has different classes like diamond, coral, etc.?
10. Logo – Anheuser Boush
11. Bubblegum belongs to “TOPPS Company” and packaged in red, white and blue?
12. Manufaturer of steel barrels – founded in Kolkatta by George Stepher and Alexander?
13. Alex Osborne gave a creativity word … now used as …….. meetings etc was the clue?
14. Pic – Ecclestone
15. IRCTC and Cox and Kings launched a company called Royale Indian Rail – which train runs from Delhi?
16. Complete the quote by Harry Truman ‘ Its …… when your neighbour loses his job, its ……. when you lose your job’?
17. ‘A Space’ – in facebook is social networking site for which category of people?
18. Go Humans Go – marketing campaign
19. Which fashion brand has launched Asia specific fragrances like ‘Sultana’,’Maharani’,’Geisha’?
20. “Dead on time’? – Economist?
21. Airtel DTH ad
22. Sahara Ad
1. Tejeshwar Singh
2. UBS
3. Cyber Ragging
4. Justin Timberlake
5. Amartya Sen
6. Alfred Sloan
7. Economist
8. Home Shopping
9. Etihaad
12. Balmer & Lawrie
13. Brainstorming
15. Maharaja Express
16. Recession, Depression
17. Espionages / Spies
18. Quaker Oats
19. Armaani
20 Lord Megnath Desai

Will post some Qs from Non Tata Track Finals after a break….

Happy Quizzing…

Vijaykrishna C V
Voltas Limited


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