Landmark Quiz,Mumbai Round

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For error-free questions,u have other’s to help;

For errorneous questions…go thro the text below at “your own risk” 🙂

Presenting the readers ,the questions of Landmark Quiz held on 1st May at Mumbai.

Some of the questions are incomplete as i could not jot down completely….inconvenience is regretted!!!

Q1.What is internationally accepted emergency radio communication in french ‘Come help me’?

Ans: May Day

Q2.Which part of Delhi is Delhi 6?

Ans: Chandni Chowk

Q3.Name the MTV Reality show which has the tagline”Where Love is War”?


Q4.A question on Narmada & Tapi.

Q5.A question on Qawwali

Q6.What term used to discover perfect eyesight is also a popular term in sports?


Q7.It is known as Nishan-e-Haider in Pakistan,Bir Shrestho in Bangladesh,how do we know it in India?

Ans: Param Vir Chakra

Q8.What canine species once existed all along the Atlantic coast of European country….missed out on the rest!!

Ans:Portugese Water Dog

Q9.Charles Dickens wrote 2 historical novels,one was Barnby Rudge and the other was?

Ans: Tale of 2 cities

Q10.Which warrior originated the Chhath Puja in honour of Sun God?

Ans: Karan

Q11.Referred to in medieval times as Bilad-al-barbar,name the region referred to Africa(Somalia,Ethiopia)

Ans:Horn of Africa

Q12.A question on the trace of the word Sarkar as in P.C.Sorcar

Q13.What word did the American Dialect Society choose as the word of the year in 2008?

Ans: Bail-Out

Q14.What event in 2009 was termed as Big Flick?

Ans:Earth Hour

Q15.I.T guru whose visiting card reads “545,Tech Square,RM.425,Cambridge,MA?

Ans:Richard Stallman

Q16)What in-the news word was popularized by Veer Savarkar in the jail…..missed out on the rest.


Q17)Who or what replied ‘ Here is water,I’ve tasted it’.

Ans:Phoenix Mars Lander

Q18)A question on Churchgate.

Q19) A question on the history of A.C.Milan.

Q20) What term in serial fiction derived from computer science means discarding of much or even all previous continuity as in the movie Batman Returns or Casino Royal?

Ans: Reebot

Q21) What is the order of precedence of Indian P.M?

Ans: 3rd

Q22) Question on Red Bull.

Q23) Whose Lok-Sabha election symbol is harmonium?

Ans: Mallika Sarabhai.

Q24) A question on Insulin

Q25) What incident led to creation of NSG in 1971?

Ans: Pokhran 1 blast

Q26)Which state of India has its penal code named Ranbir Penal Code instead of Indian Penal Code?

Ans: Jammu & Kashmir

Q27)Origin of Kit-Kat

Q28) What name was given to 2nd son of Rishabha?

Ans: Mahavir

Q29)Term coined by Dr.Kenneth of Cooper to denote a system of exercise to prevent Cardiac Arrest?

Ans: Aerobics

Q30) Field in which woman have not won Nobel Prize?

Ans: Economics

Q31) Question on Olive Ridley Turtles

Q32) Stanley Morrison,Stanley Burges and Victor Lardent design for British Times newspaper?

Ans: Times New Roman Font

Q33) Pic of St.Andrew’s Cross

Q34) Pic of Leopold Cafe & Shantaram

Q35) Pic of Wolverine,the animal

Q36) Google Doodle of Large Hadron Collidor

Q37)Name the group whose song was Human and it won the best song of 2008?


Q38)Clip of Smile Pinki

Q39)Adventure Sports-Zorbing

Q40) Identify the location of the song Kabhi Kabhi Aditi from the movie Jaane tu ya Jaane Na?

Ans: St.Xavier College,Mumbai.




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