Tata Crucible Campus Edition 2009 Delhi

The Delhi edition was a cake walk for IMT Ghaziabad. They won the quiz in comfortable fashion. Turn out was around 240 teams. And Giri was at his normal pace with his bits and wits.


1. Which journalist is the author of the book “The Story of Assassins”?

2. “Schutzt,was gut ist” – whose international representation is this?They are big in to packaging

3. Which int’l newspaper in the US appointed Raju Narisetty, former deputy managing editor of Wall Street Journal as its managing editor?

4. The copyright on which great Indian’s book expired on Jan 1 2009?

5. Coca Cola Ad

 6. Which telecom company agreed to sponsor the Srilankan cricket team on a trial basis for 3 months after Dilmah tea backed off?

7. Along with whom did Shilpa Shetty take a stake in Rajasthan Royals?

8. governor of Chikota + huge investment in sports

 9. Which consulting firm has launched an initiative called “Int’l Financial Reporting Standards” to help the Indian Companies confirm to standards?

10. Healthcare Global Enterprises has roped in which actress and social activist as its brand ambassador to create awareness of Breast Cancer?

11. Pic of Philip Knight – Nike 12. Which F1 team organised a roadshow at the famous Rajpath,Delhi in Nov ’08.? 13. This place in UP used to be a state of the art rail coach factory, more in news for Mayawati – Sonia stand off?

14. Ad – Midday

15. C P Krishnan Nair is head of which Indian Hotel Chain?

16. Who endorses Herbalife energy products?

17. Logo – Adani Group

18. Which olympic medalist was dropped by Kellogs as its brand ambassador saying his recent behavior was not consistent with their values? 19. Audio – Masakali song. Who is the producer of the film?

20. Ad – Bose


1. Tarun Tejpal

 2. Tetrapak

 3. Washington Post

 4. Mahatma Gandhi

6. Dialogue Telecom

 7. Raj Kundra

8. Roman Ibrahmovic

 9. KPMG

 10. Shabana Azmi

 12. Renault

 13. Rai Bareilly

 15. Leela Group

16. Saina Nehwal

18. Micheal Phelps

 19. Ronnie Screwala

Some Qs from the finals:-

Q. This is given to the American President on a daily basis known as the biscuit – gold code?

A: Nuclear Launch Code

Q. Connect Fundamint+force 10+Preity Zinta song

A. Godfrey Philips

Q. Connect Glucose D+ Kapil Dev+ …


Q. Stamp launched in the occasion of chinese pig year?

A. Flavoured Stamp 




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