Jaldi Five 2

Q1. Inspired by the mythical goddess Luna, design and function of X evoke the unique dualities and femininity of moon light and dark, subtlety and strength. What is X? 

Ans: Lady Z

Q.2.The seat of this can be warmed to maintain a comfortable temperature. Consists of auto washing mechanism, drier and deodorizing. What am I talking about? 

Ans: Hindware’s Auto Mate

Q.3. Connect “Gorilla”, “Halo”, “Voyeur” and “Lead India” 

Ans: Cannes Grand Prix Winner

Q.4.This formula one racer portrayed the Greek God “Apollo”. Who? 

Ans: Lewis Hamilton

Q.5.They sold of their X brand to Brazilian company “ALPRAGATAS” for 3.9 Cr. They are planning to manufacture specialized products for defence forces, hospitals, airlines and factories. Which company and brand?

Ans: Bata & Hawaii


Vijay &Anubhav

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Karanjit Sensarma – 4

Abhishek Das – 2

Ashish Sharma – 3

Joy Dhar – 1

Miraj Vora – 4

Ankit Joshi – 3

Sukrit Vijayakar – 4

Rabi Sankar Saha – 5


2 thoughts on “Jaldi Five 2

  1. 1.
    4.Lewis Hamilton

  2. oops!! why do u call it jaldi5??
    anyways heres what i feel the answers are
    1. Lady Z watches for women
    2. Luxury toilet may be some Jap brand
    3. Shortlisted for Cannes international Advertising awards for innovative campaigns
    4. Lewis Hamilton mclaren(this could be done jaldi)
    5. hawai Chappal from Bata(worked out jaldi)

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