Jaldi 5 Biz Quiz

Q.1. This brand is all set to launch special apparel which allows you to start, stop, play and control the volume without ever having to touch the iPod? Which brand and with which company they have tied up for this?
Ans:Park Avenue
Q.2. This product has installed a new shock absorbing system. This has been patented under the name “paraflex”. Which product/brand?
Q.3. Craig in the movie “Quantum of Solace” has worn “FT0108 James Bond 007 Colour 19V”? Which brand am I talking about?
Ans:Tom Ford
Q.4. Oxford bookstore in association with “whom” celebrated the launch of latest book “The Brand Handbook” by Wally Olins?
Ans:Saffron Brand Consultants
Q.5. “Business made simple” – whose tagline?
Vijaykrishna & Anubhav (Voltas & T.I.Cycles of India Ltd) 



Meher Sridhar-4

Manas Shah-Well Tried

Manas Nayak-5

Rabi Shankar Saha-4


Cintom Kashyap-2

Ashish Jain-1

Aditya Modi -1

Miraj Vora-4













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