Ludus Magnus Biz Prelims 2008

Hello Quizzer!!! IIT Mumbai had conducted their Biz Quiz on 18th Oct. Posting some of the questions from the prelims:

Q1.Its creation and first instance of its usage dates back to the time of Henry IV of France who dispatched miniature,elegantly attired dolls to his fiancee,Marie de’Medici,to update her on French trends.It takes its name from Flemish/German word meaning ‘little man’.What?

Ans: Manequin

Q2.The name of which Appleproduct is used under license from CBS Operations?

Ans:Mighty Mouse

Q3. Which brand is the largest supplier of files and folders to the Delhi High court?

Ans:Tihar Jail

Q4.What was started by Heap Media Australia 750 megawatt-hours a year?They got the idea after reading a particular study in 2002 on LCD & CRT monitors?

Q5.Popular for its refined taste,pleasing aroma,saffron and silver flakes,this globally popular brand launched in 1948 was Inda’s first saffron flavoured product in its category.Which brand?

Ans: Baba Zarda

Q6. A question on 7 Efffective habits of highly successful people.

Q7.The planet Venus traces the shape of a pentacle across the sky every 8 yrs.What did the Greeks use this cycle to form the basis of.The last of these incurred an expenditure of 400 Billion of local currency.

Ans:Olympics Ring

Q8.He is the richest fictional character according to Forbes.His industry profits up significantly due to sale of “Brother Eye” spy-satellite technology to U.S govt?

Ans: Bruce Wayne

Q9.Opened in Fall of 1965 in California,its most famous frequent visitor was Arnold Schwarzeneggar and was also featured in the movie Pumping Iron in 1977.The company goes with the tagline ‘Know your Strenght’.Who are we talking about?

Ans: Gold Gym

Q10.Joypolis is an amusement park that was first opened on July 20.1994 in Yokohama, Japan and now spread across Japan.What is the theme of this park?



Anubhav & Vijay .


3 thoughts on “Ludus Magnus Biz Prelims 2008

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  2. Dear Quiziebee,

    I’m not sure if you got q8 right or not.. But Bruce Wayne isn’t the richest person.. Its Scrooge McDuck. I donno if there is a 2008 Forbes Fictional 15 list but 2007 definitely lists Wayne as No 8..

    Otherwise a great and tough prelim. I’m sure the cut off would have been low and the quality of teams impeccable

    Pls do confirm if there’s an error from your end!


  3. I am not sure of the q8 either. I was thinking it was Santa Claus all along with a net worth of infinity 🙂

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