Hi All

Both the students edition and alumni edition was quite exciting….

in students edition SIBM had a cake walk…. 

in alumni round there was tug of war between the national winners of tata and non tata track champions… suresh kumar and mitesh agarwal… and at the end it was a happy week end for Mr. Suresh kumar winning it in a tie breaker…

Some of the questions that were asked in the finals ….

Q.who was the first foreigner to buy a EPL club?

A: Mohammed Al Fayed

Q. What first generation computer game is based on table tennis?

A: Pong

Q. Which city is home for most number of billionaires-the most of any city in world?

A. Moscow

Q. Whichautomobile means ‘Hark’ or ‘Listen’ inLatin?


Q.Western India Bakers Pvt. Ltd. is better known as ?


Q. Which European city has over 100 km canal and is known as venice of North?

A. Amsterdam

Q.Who signed the last one rupee note?

A. Montek Singh Ahluwalia

Q.Ad ofGoogle Chrome

Q. Logo of virgin galactic

Q.Which century old sporting shoes brand is thought to be anagram of a keyword in football?



Vijaykrishna C V & Anubhav Chatterjee


2 thoughts on “BT ACUMEN REGIONAL ROUND-Mumbai

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  2. great!!!!

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