Tata Crucibles Corporate 2008 (Bhubaneswar)

Hello Quizzers!!! It was truly a riveting finals held at Mayfair Lagoon!!! Last years champion Bhilai Steel were given a run for their money by Vizag Steel who eventually won it in the tie-breaker.Following are the questions from the prelims,CUT-OFF was somewhere around 15.

Q1.In which legendary campaign did American character actress ” Clare Peller” at the age of 81 acted in 1984..”Where is the Beef”?

Ans: Wendy’s

Q2.Which well known British Tea brand was founded by John Summer and taken over by Apeejay Surrendra group in 2005?

Ans: Typhoo

Q3.Advertising Campaign of Bridgestone.

Q4.Which bank started Rapid Funds transfer to India service for instant credit of money from UAE,Oman & Qatar for Indian Nationals?

Ans:Bank of Baroda

Q5. Fill in the blanks:

      A famous quote said by Ted Turner “Early to bed early to rise,work like hell and ______”


Q6.What was first published on Oct 19,1918 in New York Globe which is now owned by Jim Pattison Group?

Ans: Ripley’s Believe it or Not

Q7.Who said “There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all”

Ans: Peter Drucker

Q8.Listed as VED on LSE,this Indian metal giant is named after the mother of its founder?


Q9.Which alcohol major sponsors the European Rugby Championship and the cup?


Q10.Which ad agency is a global group of 13 people called ” Collectors” who guide their principle and ideas?

Ans: McCann Erickson

Q11.Pic of Ganesh Natarajan

Q12.Which footwear company has been divided into 2 companies called as Vardaan & Armaan?


Q13.Which airline company is owned by Gopal Goyal and is named after his father and son?


Q14.Which best seller by Nicholas Talab introduces the concept of Extremistan and Mediocristan?

Ans:Black Swan

Q15.Logo of Diners’ Club

Q16.Which eccentric hotel owner who died in 2007 said “We dont pay taxes only the little people pay taxes”?

Ans:Leona Helmsey

Q17.Production house co-owned by Ritesh Sidhwani?

Ans:Excel Entertainment

Q18.From which fruit is Grenadine the popular syrup used as an ingredient in cocktail……missed out the remaining part of the questions?


Q19.Which brand is owned by Unilever was founded in a gas station in 1977 when its owner took a $5 worth course in Pennsylvania?

Ans:Ben & Jerry

Q20.In personal care business F&F industry supplies the essential ingredients for making perfume.If one F stands for Flavour,whats does the other one stand for?


Q21.Which legend was presented with a special medal by League of Nation in 1935 because his creation was a symbol of universal goodwill?

Ans: Mickey Mouse by Walt Disney

Q22.Which departmental store was started as “The Golden Rule” and its current slogan is “Everyday Matters”?

Ans: J.C.Penny

Q23.Which popular skin care brand was invented by Ivan Combe in 1950 and contain Benzoil Peroxide triclosan and salicylic acid?

Ans: Clearsil

Q24.Ad of Lux

Q25.Ad of Moov


On the board game monopoly,i am a Indian city?


Final Standings

1.VIZAG STEEL (Sabyasachi Pani & Santanu Day)                          56

2.BHILAI STEEL (Chandrasekhar & S.Ramani)                               55

3.SATYAM  (Priyambad Pattanayak & Jagdish Prasad Sahoo)         20

4.XIMB    (Prof Tripathy & Prof Rajeev Roy)                                10

5.BHARTI AIRTEL (Sumeet Nandal & Manav Sahni)                       0

6.IOCL  (Nihar Ranjan Das & Ashish Kumar Tripathy)              -10


Anubhav & Vijay


4 thoughts on “Tata Crucibles Corporate 2008 (Bhubaneswar)

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  2. there were a few audience questions.briefly given below ( not exact reproduction)

    1.by giving history of nepal stock exchange name of the exchange was asked.
    2.tomb stone inscription of a famous person given.person to be identified-karl marx
    3.it is called hp way.employees are encouraged to call each other by first name.this style of mgt is called- mgt by walking around
    4.hints ( like ‘blue eyes’) were given to identify a big co. – ibm
    5.it was a small device helps to read,write,work – thinkpad
    6.founded in india on 15.08.1952.its chemical formula given.endorsed by pakistani cricket team – cinthol
    7.what is function of software used in toilets of french airports-flushes after 20 minutes & opens the door automatically
    8.what is transumer behaviour – buying behaviour of passangers in trnsit
    9.symbolic expressions in sanskrit is called – mudra
    10.is- 14543 is isi standard no for what – packaged water

  3. on sept 5,in bhubaneswar round tie breaker question was “you are in the indian city in board game…..”.at this point vizag steel plant replied” bombay in board game monoply.two new cities bombay & cairo were recently added.”this was adjudged as correct answer & vizag steel plant was declared winner.but when i opened the website of hasbro ( owner of brand monoply board game) on sept 6 i was surprised to find that bombay ( or cairo) were not in the list of 22 updated cities.( cities were updated after an extensive on line worldwide poll by hasbro)

    please help me sort it out.

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