Answers & Scores of MIXED MASALA

Q1.What is the significance of MP Travels with respect to Hindi Cinema?

Ans:This is the name of the bus in the movie “Bomaby to Goa” starring—Amitabh Bachchan & Mehmood

Q2.This train is named after the son of Lord Rama.It runs between Lokmanya Tilak to Gorakhpur.Identify the train?

Ans: Kushinagar Express after Kush

Q3. The name of this recent bollywood movie was suggested by the lead actor when he saw the name written behind a truck.Identify the movie ?

Ans:Singh is Kingg

Q4. The first time the need arose was in 1979 when Charan Singh ws the Prime minister after an earlier split in the janata party.Realising he did not have the requisite numbers,Charan Singh did not even come to the house to face a confident motion and resigned.The next time it was moved was a decade later when V.P.Singh became prime minister in December 1989.Chandra Sekhar too won it in Nov 1990.P.V.Narasimha Rao won a confidence vote in July1991.H.D.Deve Gowda won it in June 1996.What am I talking about?

Ans: Concept of Trust Vote

Q5.Whats the claim to fame of Demetrious Vikelas of Greece?

Ans:He is the first president of International Olympic Committee.

Q6.Who said the following :

The important thing is not to win, but to take part.”

Ans:Pierre de Coubertin

Q7.This cuisine at Moti Mahal so impressed the Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru that he made it a regular at official banquets.Visiting dignitaries that enjoyed this cuisine included American Presidents Richard Nixon & John Kennedy, Soviet Leaders like Nikolai Bulganin and Nikita Khrushchev, the King of Nepal, and the Shah of Iran.Identify the cuisine?

Ans:Tandoori Chicken

Q8.What is the claim to fame of Vincenz Czerny?

Ans:The earliest known breast implant was carried out by him

Q9. X was originally founded by Abdul Karim Abdul Shakur Jamal under the name Jamal’s oil company ltd.How do we know it today?


Q10.Identify this personality?

Ans:Richard Warren Sears


Aravindan Sudarsan – 9

Anand Babu -6

Pradeep Kumar S.J -3

Saqib Syed – 2

Kutrapan – 4

Rajimu – 3

Priyabrata Padhi-2

Rohit Jain – Well Tried

Anand Sivakumar-5

Partha Sengupta-1

Arvind Krishnan-6


Anubhav Chatterjee



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