Hi Quizzers!!!! Attended the landmark quiz held on 28th instant at Pune.The quiz was comfortably won by Mr.Rajiv Rai and team!!!A total of 40 questions & the  cut-off for the prelims was 22….Sorry for few incomplete questions!!!

Q1. The description about a logo of an institue based in Pune?


Q2.The question was based on description of waist 22 and how is it commonly known as?

Ans:Size Zero

Q3.Fill in the blanks…..Quote from Hamlet?

Q4.In Thailand Colour generally associated with death?


Q5.’Grand Prix’ term was 1st used in….?

Ans:Horse Racing

Q6.Aabid Surti created which character for Indrajal Comics?


Q7.Shram Sadhna Trust was created by whom?

Ans:Pratibha Patil

Q8.Aamir Khusrao created what?

Ans: Qawwali

Q9.Almost half of the world’s supply,which vegetable is consumed the maximum by the Asians?

Ans: Potato

Q10.Time Magazine’s list of 20th century’s 20 most influential asian?


Q11.Missed out on the question but it was abt the statue of buddha in afghanistan which was destroyed by the talibans.

Q12.Question was about Statue of Liberty?

Q13.Connect: Species of Lily in Royal Botanical Garden to a fictional school founded in AD 1000?

Ans: Hogwart

Q14.A question on parachute?

Q15.Out of the two—chewing gum and mint which has a better capacity to remove bad odour?

Ans: Chewing Gum

Q16.Description of Chopsticks

Q17.Book “Certain Philosophical Questions”  has a mention of a true friend ?Who is he?


Q18.Brand of machines called ‘JUKI’ from Japan manufactures what in 9 different sizes in India?

Ans:National Flag of India

Q19.About Baboon…missed out on this ques.

Q20.Which nobel prize medal has been inspired from 1851 physics medal?

Ans:Economics medal

Q21.On which day did Mahavira attained Nirvana?

Ans: On Diwali

Q22.Which famous personality has its photo on New Zealand coin?

Ans:Edmund Hillary

Q23.What was created by Warren Hastings?

Ans: President’s body-guard.

Q24.Quetion on House Boats?

Q25:Rutland,Interview,Sound and Neil are islands located where?

Ans:Andaman & Nicobar

Q26.Which mammal has 950 species?

Ans: Bat

Q27.Which tennis star is nick-named Djoker?

Ans: Djokovic

Q28.Goliath belong to which race?


Q29.To lower B.P and pain during pregnancy…which drug is administered?


Q30.Pierre Satinger Syndrome is associated to what?


Q31.Pic of inner view of Taj Mahal.

Q32.Pic of Amrita Shergill.

Q33.Pic of Boycott & Botham.

Q34.Pic of Silicon Mineral.

Q35.Pic of Nelson Mandela.

Q36.Pic of Phulkari art.

Q37.Pic of Commonwealth Games Pune.

Q38.Soundtrack of movie Live & Let Die

Q39.Connet: Song from the movie Tezaab & a pic of Johnny Gaddar.


Q40.Voice of Roosevelt.


Anubhav & Vijay


6 thoughts on “LANDMARK QUIZ 2008(PUNE)

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  2. Qs 11 probably refers to where the Buddha statue in Afghanistan the answer would be Bamiyan.

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  4. Comfortably won, is it ? Must meet you the next time I hit Pune !!

  5. hello just needed to say that can u add my blog to your blog roll
    Hemant Agarwal
    Gnosis Quiz Club @ MNNIT

  6. nice

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