Return of Mixed Masala!!!!

Hello Quizzers!!! Hope everyone is doin good!!!Posting a quiz after a looong time…..the series of Mixed Masala continues.!!!! All the best!!!

Q1.This train runs between H.Nizammudin and Kanyakumari and the name is derived from classic of couplets celebrated by Tamils.This couplets is considered to be the first work to focus on ethics among the Buddhist and Jain literature of India. Identify the train?

Ans:Thirukkural Express

Q2.Another one from the world of Indian Railways (an easy 1)………this train runs between Mumbai Central and Ahmedabad and is named after an older town that existed in the same town i.e Ahmedabad.Identify the train?

Ans:Karnavati Express

Q3.Gede is the last Indian Station,the next station is at Darshana.The train covers 416 K.M.The train then crosses Jessore,Jhanaidah,Kushtia,Natore,Sirajganj,Tangil,Gazipur and then pulls into the final destination.What am I talking about?

Ans: Kolkata-Dhaka Cantonment Maitree Express

Q4.Born on 23rd July 1973 to Vipin and Madhu,this talented music director is known to give 36 hits in a year as a music director.Now into acting,his latest movie is being directed by Satish Kaushik and is a remake of 1970s hit.Whom am i talking about?

Ans: Himesh Reshammiya

Q5.Think is the in-house journal of which business group?

Ans: Murugappa Group



Gaurav Dasgupta-2

Vishal – 1

Piyush Raithatha-1

Harihara Krishnan – Well Tried!!!


Cintom Kashyap-1

Hari Narayanan-2

Dipesh Mehta -1

Abhinav Sharma-3

Sriram Ventakesh-2

Haroon Siyech-4

Preshanth Sampath-2




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