BRAND EQUITY 2008 (Ahmedabad)

Q1.What is the answer to WAL-MART’S cheer ‘Who’s number one’?


Q2.A village in Gujarat is called Gati Nagar—why?

Ans:Because Cargo company GATI adopted and rehabilitated the village in the aftermath of Bhuj earthquake of 2001.

Q3.Which company patented a purple colour Pantone 2685 C?

Ans: Cadbury

Q4.Why was ice-cream brand HaagenDazs so named despite it being an American brand?

Ans:Because the company wanted a Swiss-sounding name.

Q5.Till the State Bank of Pakistan was established in 1948,which institution acted as the central bank of Pakistan?

Ans: Reserve Bank of India


Anubhav & Vijaykrishna.


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