Hello Quizzers!!! Cud get hold of only few questions of d brand equity quiz held at kolkata on 12thMarch.Questions are in random order!!!

Q1.Which company was founded by brother Ambrogio and Egidio in 1946?

Ans: Perfetti

Q2.Who made the first cover design of Jawaharlal Nehru’s “The Discovery of India”?

Ans:Satyajit Ray

Q3.During WW2,what did the British call “Tatanagars”?

Ans: The armoured vehicle built by the Tatas

Q4.What is ‘Sundown Rule’ that Wal-Mart strives to achieve?

Ans:Dealing with customer request by the close of business on the day they are received.

Q5.Every year Kolkata Municipal Corporation buy 400 tonnes of at a cost of Rs.50 Lakh?


Q6.Whose designation reads managing director,LeftWord Books?

Ans: CPI(M) general secretary Prakash Karat.


Anubhav & VijayKrishna


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