Hello Everyone!!!SIBM,Pune conducted its annual BIZ Quiz on 24th Feb with Mr.Avinash Mudaliar as the Q.M.

 Q1.A system called HydRO-7 that includes charcoal filtration,reverse osmosis and ozonation is used in the production of what?

Ans:Water for Aquafina.Pepsi has patented this system.

Q2.In 2006,he was chosen as a cross-bench life peer with the title of Baron,of Chelsea in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea by the House of Lords Appointments Commission,becoming the first ever Parsi in the House of Lords.Who?

Ans:Karan Bilimoria

Q3.The design of the logo of which company takes inspiration from Vasudhara-their first well on the Ankleshwar field?


Q4.It was created by McCann-Erickson in 1998 to respond to the American public’s worry that everything is being commodified and that they were becoming too materialistic.They focused on the intangibles that make life good.What are we talking about?

Ans:Mastercard Priceless Ad

Q5.It birth is attributed to England’s Statute of Anne in the year 1710 whose full title was ” An act for the Encouragement of Learning,by vesting the ___ of Printed Books in the Authors or purchasers of such ___,during the Times therein mentioned.”It has a Unicode of U+00A9.What are we talking about?


Q6.A common practise (more of an industry norm now) came about when Ray Tomlinson did this to separate the names of the user and their machine in 1971.What did he do?

Ans: He introduced the @ symbol.

Q7.What is the inspiration for the movie GAFLA by Sameer Hanchate which has the tag line “The biggest risk in life…is not taking one”?

Ans:Harshad Mehta scam.

Q8.Soldiers could not eat from a McDonald’s outlet near their military base in Sierra Vista,USA,since no one in uniform was allowed to enter a restaurant.In order to get over this hitch,what did McDonald’s introduce?

Ans:Drive-through system

Q9.King Edward II of England was on the verge of defeating King Bruce of Scotland in the Battle of Bannockburn.So King Bruce called a certain number of people for help.This incident inspired the name of which brand?

Ans:100 Pipers

Q10.Due to shortage of Gasoline during war time,he is well known for having designed an auto part which could run on charcoal.Who?

Ans:T V S Iyengar

Q11.Its name is derived from the french words ‘pine’ and ‘black’ and is a variety of the species Vitis vinifera.What are we talking about?

Ans:Pinot Noir

Q12.The company attempted to register as a trademark their products’ most distinctive feature on 1Feb 1994. Nine of the company’s competitors filed oppositions against the application,arguing that various brands use the same crankpin engine.After six years of litigation,with no end in sight,in early 2000 the company withdrew its application.What was the company trying to register and the company?

Ans:Harley Davidson Sound

Q13.It has always been ‘powered by intellect and driven by values’.However it has changed to a new tagline in its place.What is the new one?

Ans: Winning in the Flat World

Q14. Published by Health Communications Inc,this series of books had 105  titles as of January 2006. The 101 stories in the 1st book of the series were compiled by motivational speakers Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen.The name for this series was so chosen because of the product’s use as a home remedy for the sick.What are we talking about?

Ans:Chicken Soup for the Soul

Q15.Larry Brilliant who helped set up the world famous Arvind eye hospital in Tamil Nadu,currently heads which fortune 500 company’s philanthropic arm?

Q16.Winner of India’s Best e-content award for the year 2006 official Honoree at webby awards 2007, is a first of it’s kind in India portal which works on the P2P model.In what is it the first of its kind?

Ans:Citizen Journalism

Q17.John Bissel left his position as a buyer for Macy’s New York to work as a consultant for the Ford Foundation in order to develop India’s export potential in a specific industry.What Bissell discovered was a village based industry with a profusion of skills hidden from the world.Determine to showcase this,what did he start in 1960?


Q18. The story starts as long back as 1933 when Hasmukhrai & Co made waves in Bombay’s tea-circles with quality blends of loose tea.Thus was born this brand,a distinctive belnd of pure Assam CTC tea that people immediately took to heart.Which brand?

Ans: Society Tea

Q19.Which was the first Indian subsidiary of a foreign company to be listed on an Indian exchange?


Q20.In a court ruling a few years ago against a particular brand,the judge said “How can you talk about goodwill in connection with such a tasteless and obnoxious campaign?” Mary Vitoria,representing the company,in their defense,said “”Your lordship may find it offensive.I might find it offensive.But the youth people do not find it offensive,they find it amusing.” Which brand are we talking about?


Q21.Of what are Dig ‘Em,Sunny,Kay,Cornelius,Coco,Tony,Sam and CinnaMan the different type of?

Ans: Logos of Kellogs

Q22.Jugatram Vaidhya’s great grandfather was the State Physician of Jamnagar and was also one of the people who set up the oldest factory for manufacturing Ayurvedic drugs.Inspired by his works,Jugatram Vaidhya a graduate in Chemistry & Pharmacy joined hands with Mathuradas Parekh to create a company named after his grandfather.Identify?


Q23.Antrix Corporation is the commercial arm of which organisation?


Q24.Who is the author of the book ‘ Falling into the GAP’?

Ans: Donald Fischer

Q25.It was launched in France,in Nov 2002,by entrepreneur Tawfik Mathlouthi, as a means of aiding Palestinians by tapping into demand for alternative products in European countries.He had been inspired by a similar popular Iranian product Zam Zam.What did they create?

Ans:Meca Cola


Anubhav & VijayKrishna.


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