Tata Crucibles Mumbai Prelims ‘08

TC Mumbai was worth attendin.. the level of quizzin was good and the fight was till the last point..

it was a close tie and the wild card entry from SJSOM almost made it to the final when Souvik & Govind came from behind to clinch the honours of attendin the national finals in the tie breaker question…again one from ACK… and they did crack tat one quite well.. anyways congrats to all… hope all regional rounds wil as excitin as this…

the nano round ie the final round of the quiz was a new format wherein you hav to identify the company in one word or phrase provided oh yes this is really nano guys..clever thinkin giri…

but we think the number of Qs in the buzzer rounds can be increased.. there are a total of 3 buzzer rounds out of 5 rounds and there are only 4 Qs per round …it wil be gr8 if that number was stretched to 6..  

Q1. What innovation did Bell systems introduce in the US in the 1960s in terms of directory listing?

A: Yellow pages

Q2. The name of  which channel means “The Peninsula”?

A: Al-Jazeera

Q.3: Book-A Revolution in kindness

A: Anitha Roddick

Q.4. Rabbit head is the logo of which famous media player?

A: Playboy

Q5. The paper used to print Indian currency is made of a special material. Which material?

A: Cotton Pulp

Q6. Coin with a minting error is called?

A: Fido

Q7. Pic-

Q8. Magazine logo of Pegasus, the mythical winged horse?

A: Reader’s Digest

Q9. How do we better know the Vishnu Industries & Chemical Corporation?

Q10. JV between Tata Sons & Volkart Brothers?

A: Voltas

Q11. Pic:-

Q12.Mission stmt of this company is “to be all things to all possible”?

A: Yahoo!

Q13. Indian soundtrack became first to be launched on iTunes even before the CDs were launched?


Q14. Synthetic fibres name was formed to represent NoRun. Name the fibre.

A: Nylon

Q15. Logo?

Q16. Why was Akio Morita the founder of Sony awarded an honorary doctorate in English?

A: Walkman

Q17. The houseedge, rake & payout are terms usually assosciated with this.what?

A: Casino

Q18. Which individual takes the credit as the producer of this film-OSO?

A: Gauri Khan

Q19. Audio ad?

A: Goldspot

Q20. Ad-Tata Sumo



2 thoughts on “Tata Crucibles Mumbai Prelims ‘08

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  2. nice job

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