Q1.Which is India’s biggest company in terms of revenue?


Q2.Which is China’s  biggest company in terms of revenue?


Q3.Which is the first airline in the world to fly the new Airbus 380?

Ans:Singapore Airlines

Q4.Who is considered to be the  father of Indian software industry?


Q5.Who is the famous brother in law of Narayan Murthy who also was the second richest Indian in 2001?

Ans:Gururaj Deshpande

Q6. Asahi Optical Co., Ltd. changed its name in 2002 to a new name. What is its new name?


Q7.‘Made in America’ is Sam Walton’s book about the WalMart company. About which company is the book ‘Well Made in America’?

Ans:Harley Davidson

Q8.Nylon, the synthetic fiber invented in 1935 is said to be an acronym. From which words has it been coined?

Ans:NewYork London

Q9.Which company owns majority stake in Castrol India?


Q10.  Which world famous magazine’s tagline reads “Capitalist’s tool”?


Q11.Apple launched its iPhone in collaboration with which company?


Q12.What is the name of building which houses headquarters of Tata Sons?

Ans.Bombay House

Q13.Which company owns the ‘Kaya’ brand of skin clinics?


Q14. Who is the first Indian woman to pass out of Harvard?

Ans:Naina Lal Kidwai

Q15.Hindustan Motors’ Ambassador adapted its model from which British car model?

Ans:Morris Oxford

Q16. Which group owns Zensar?

Ans:RPGQ17.Which car in Spanish means ‘Charming’?


Q18. Karan Faridoon Bilimoria’s left his thriving career at Ernst & Young to start a company(Brand). Which company(Brand) is this?

Ans:Cobra Beer

Q19.Before it entered into razor blade business, what was Wilkinson’s manufacturing?


Q20.The headquarters of International Organisation For Standerdisation(ISO) are at …


Q21. The ‘Krona’ is the currency of which nation?


Q22.The first general purpose credit card was issued by

Ans:Diners’ Club

Q23. The telecom giant NOKIA belongs to which nation?

Ans: Finland

Q24. Which Brand is named for the Greek goddess of victory?


Q25.Expand LG(Consumer Electronics Giant)?

Ans:Lucky Goldstar.


Anubhav & Vijay 


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