The prelims had a total of 30 Qs out of which we have compiled 17 here, others are videos and logos… the cut off was quite low as the standard of questions were quite high…. 

Q.1: it has been twice recognized by Guinness World Records for massive blood donation camps. It runs a 175 bed hospital in Rajasthan, along with a hostel for girls, a boys school and a degree college in Haryana. It also claims to be involved in several entrepreneurial activities viz., petrol pump, biscuit factory, ice factory, restaurant and a supermarket. Identify this organization , founded in 1948 by khema mal.

A: Dera Sacha Sauda

Q.2: the term  ________ refers to how 19th century sailors would wind string or rope around rolls of compressed tobacco leaves, allow the leaves to mature, and then thinly slice of the end. This shredded tobacco could then be smoked in their pipes. What?

A: Navy Cut

Q.3: the author of books “Its not Luck” and “Necessary But  Not Sufficient”

A: Eliyahu Goldratt

Q.4: it is an initiative begun by U2’s frontman,Bono, and Bobby Shriver to raise money for the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Each partner company creates a product with the _______  logo. In return for the opportunity to increase their own revenue through the ________

Products they sell, a percentage of the profit is given to the global fund. What is it called?

A: Product Red

Q.5: What are the retail sales and service outlets of Amara Raja Batteries called?

A: Pit stops

Q.6: what is modeled after Constantin Brancusi’s “Bird in Space”?

A: Clio Trophy

Q.7: in the 1830s an enterprising Scottish gentleman named Alexander used locally available cheviot wool, to create cheviot cloth. He invited financier joseph to join him, thus creating an enduring partnership. Which company?

A: Reid & Taylor

Q.8: in 1981, this company started life as a computer repair shop, where Sim Wong Hoo developed an add on memory board for the Apple II computer. Later it created customized PCs adapted for the Chinese language. A part of this design included enhanced audio capabilities, so that the device could produce speech and melodies. The success of this audio interface led to the development of a stand alone sound card. Identify this company.

A: Creative

Q.9: members of the band ‘Radiohead’ were so impressed by this book that they planned to name the album ‘Kid A’ after it. While touring, the band played unsponsored concerts and would ask the audience to buy this book. Which?

A: No Logo –Naomi Klein

Q.10: Who suggested the following alternative to the penalty shootout to the FIFA:

Count the number of times each goalkeeper touches the ball throughout the game. The team’s goalkeeper who has touched the ball more often is the looser. The winner will then be the team that has had more attempts at scoring goals and more aggressive in their style of play.

A: Edward de Bono

Q.11: founded on Oct 1,1940 by Edwin, it started off as a brokerage house focusing on insurance and personal finance services. Which?

A: Hewitt Assosciates

Q.12: According to X, this is how a real conversation went:

X: listen Josef, I think I have an idea for a play.

Josef : What kind?

(X told him as briefly as he could)

Josef: Then write it

X: But, I don’t know what to call these ___________. I could call them Labori, but that strikes me a bit bookish.

Josef: then call them ________.

Who is X and what word was coined?

A: Karel Capek, Robot

Q.13: it was introduced in 1968, mainly to rival the then popular brand named matchbox by the British Company Lesney. Designed by Harry Bentley Bradley, the first one was a dark blue Custom Camaro. What?

A: Hot Wheels

Q.14: which word is derived from an Arabic root meaning ‘change’ and ‘transform’?

A: Hawala

Q.15: An electronics engineer from Bombay University, he was employed by BSE for their ambitious trade automation project ‘Bolt’. As part of his training, he visited stock exchanges in various countries and was convinced that ‘online trading is the future’. Hence, he quit his job and set up his new company, along with Dewang Neralia. Who and which company?

A: Jignesh Shah, Financial Technologies

Q.16: the 35SQ Astron was unveiled in Tokyo on Dec 25,1969. With a limited production of just 100 pieces, they sold at a price of 450000 yen ($1250), roughly the same price as a Toyota Corolla. Which company and what?

A: Seiko; Quartz Watches

Q.17: the advertising character/campaign was based on the ‘Social Learning Theory’ of Albert Bandura. It was created by the ad agency Lowe for an awareness program titled ‘Operation Lighthouse’ on behalf of its client, Population Services International. Which?

A: Balbir Pasha

Anubhav & Vijay



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  1. Nice work done. Great help to people who cudnt b there. Keep it up.

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  3. Excellent Compilation of Questions

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