IIPM Pune AMAZE 2007 Quiz

1. Name the US Federal Reserve Chairman?

A: Ben Bernanke

2. Which company has launched India’s first biodiesel compliant tractor?

A: Mahindra & Mahindra

3. Which company has launched a rural initiative called e-choupal?


4. The brand ‘Rasna’ is owned by which company?

A: Pioma Industries

5. The earlier name of the company was UTI Bank.What is the new name?

A: AXIS Bank

6. The brand ‘Naukri.com’ is owned by which company?

A: Info Edge India Ltd.

7. Name the two brands that Ford Motors has put up for sale.

A: Jaguar & LandRover

8. Name the new CEO of Citigroup.

A: Vikram Pandit

9. Which brand became famous by advertising ‘Think Small’?

A: Volkswagon Beetle

10. Which brand became famous by advertising ‘the vegetarian toothpaste’?

A: Anchor

11. What is the code name of the secret formula for Coca Cola?

A: Merchandise 7X

12. What is the full form of ULCRA?

A: Urban Land Ceiling and Regulation Act

13. Who is the new MD of Maruti Suzuki India?

A: Shinzo Nakanishi

14. Which Indian organisation was awarded Nobel Prize this year for environmental work?


15. Bajaj Auto and TVS Motors is locked in a court battle over the use of which technology?


Anubhav Chatterjee & Vijaykrishna C V



4 thoughts on “IIPM Pune AMAZE 2007 Quiz

  1. The answer to Q14 is incorrect. It should be none. IPCC is not an INDIAN organisation !!

  2. or maybe al gore…is actually a maharashtrian….hehehehe

  3. IPCC – inter-governmental panel on Climate Change is not an Indian organisation. It happens to be presently headed by an Indian – R.K Pachauri

  4. The answer to Q.15 is incorrect. It is not DTSi.
    The technology is in fact the next generation of DTSi engines. The one with Bajaj is called DTS-Si.

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