SCMHRD Quiz-Prelims

1. What is the best selling copyrighted book in the world?

A: Guinness book of World Records

2. What kind of tax was first introduced in Britian in 1799?

A: Income Tax

3. Which illegal drug was first produced in Germany in 1898 as an analgesic?

A: Heroin

4. Who’s the author of the “Screw It,Let’s Do It”?

A: Richard Branson

5. What is the name of the bank started by Md Younus of Bangladesh?

A: Grameen Bank

6: Stuttgart in Germany gets its name from the business of what?

A: Stud Farms

7. Born in 1963,who currently holds the office of the Chief Happiness Officer of the company he works for?

A: Ronald McDonald

8. How do we know Philips Semiconductors today?


9. In 1946 which kitchen product was created by Percy Spencer@Raytheon Corporation?

A: Microwave Oven

10. Which is the parent company of Panasonic?

A: Matsushita

11. is a website promoted by which brand?

A: Sunsilk

12. From the world of automobiles what is ABS?

A: Antilocking Braking System

13. uMusic or Intelligent Music a new home entertainment system is from which electronics major?


14: Which international film studio produced the movie Saawariya?


15. Which company’s stores are called Scoop Shops?

A: Ben & Jerry’s

16. in 1969 what did the German company Henkel invent after convenience of lipstick applicators?

A: Gluestick

17. Which company owns the, the highly popular video sharing user generated website?

A: Google

18. What do the letters I & K stand for in IKEA?

A: Ingvar Kampard

19. If Real Madrid: Siemens then Barcelona:?

20.In the world of cigarettes expand the brand B&H?

A: Benson & Hedges


Anubhav & Vijay



4 thoughts on “SCMHRD Quiz-Prelims

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  2. Nice work keep it up

  3. It is a pity that in the world of business quizzing there is a lack of imagination and ineptitude when it comes to framing questions, most of the time , either the questions are plain old repeats or simply insipid.
    I think it is time for Renaissance

  4. I think this is the 6th pickbrain quiz in which he repeats the ben and jerry’s question…damn!

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